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  1. Hi, I was wondering about how to go about editing a post/reply? I couldn't find anything in the FAQ or through searching. Any help would be appreciated. (I posted two photos that had my full name on them and didn't realize until it was too late.) Thanks Name: Dave Daniels UserName: Dave D IP Address: Email Address: davidtdaniels@hotmail.com
  2. Last summer I did some pyrography on veg tanned leather, and those fumes were strong, too. I had a large fan and a particle mask on the whole time. From my own mistake, I should have mounted the leather first. Perhaps with rubber cement first? (Not sure how the heat would effect that, though.) I, too, am curious if anyone has had any success. I made a "spirit board" or sorts for a friend to use at a renaissance fair.
  3. angelren, on some of the older machines, the needle gets threaded from left to right, versus front to back.
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