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  1. Put together a sporran for a friend. Tried a new method (for me) to attach the pelt and sew the gusset. Let me know what you think.
  2. Here is a pattern I have used. It is pretty simple and allows for some creativity. Old_Style_Sporran_Patterns.pdf Old_Style_Sporran_Patterns.pdf
  3. Nice, can we get a picture of the back. I have a similar hand cannon chambered in 30-30.
  4. Well I have tried my hand at a fox fur sporran. The head I had a friend do the taxidermy on. Let me know what you think.
  5. I go to the Baltimore Tandy store alot. They are a very good place, with helpful friendly staff and lots of stuff to chose from.
  6. Nice, I need to replace some of the slings from collection and this will help greatly.
  7. I live in westminster, an have been to the Baltimore Tandy store many times. The owner and staff there are excellent, helpful, and very coutieous. They will even call me if they have something come in that believe I would like to have. I do not know about other stores, but these guys are great.
  8. I'm sorry if my response was negative. Bluesman1951, any comments, suggestions, or critisim are most welcome.
  9. Thanks everyone. Great and helpful ideas. Thanks
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