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  1. salvo

    Horse Buggy Completed

    Very impressive work!
  2. Thank you crmiller84, I bought he Bearcat used around 1980 and never had a holster for it, so it never got much use, even though it surprisingly accurate. Now it my new kit gun for fishing and farming!
  3. I bought the leather at Tandy about 8 years ago, I’m pretty sure it was a Veg-Tan 7 to 9 oz.
  4. Thanks YinTx, I found a couple of tutorials to read on the web to clear the cobwebs! But it takes a lots of doing to get better each project.
  5. Just finished holster #2 for my 1970’s old model Bearcat.
  6. I haven’t been active with my leather work for years, I made a few knife sheaths and then life took over. Been having some spare time since this Covid scare. Here is my first holster for my Glock 43. It is very comfortable and secure!
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