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  1. yes, now i use crawford irish linen waxed. thats a great thread.
  2. thanks for the pict. if i need in 0,5-0,6 thread what do you suggest? i have try serafil. now i want to compare serafil with gutterman. and if you know where to buy bourbon nylon coats i'd like to try it also.. thanks
  3. hi all my name is dedi i want to ask you all about gutterman thread does anyone have try buy it? this is the web that i found https://www.guetermann.com/shop/en/view/content/ i dont know they thread size i need in 0,6mm thick i attach a picture the thread that i want thanks dedi
  4. hello guys. need help i trying to buy barbour linen from campbell and randall. http://www.campbell-randall.com/shop/index.php?route=product/product&product_id=14431 what left twist means? and since its natural you can dyed it with any colour right? couse they juast sell natural colour. thanks dedi
  5. Hi Guys! im dedi from Indonesia. i want to buy shell cordovan shinki hikaku and horween chromexcel natural. any of you have the info where to get it? or any of you have buy it, you can tell me the price also. thanks.
  6. ok..thank for the info i email them a couple days ago and still no reply from them thank you
  7. hello guys i wanna buy small quantities of herman oak leather in springfield leather. what i wanna ask for you guys who have buy this herman oak in springfield is they leather come with 'certified of origin'? and why i dont see payment with paypal? plisss help me thank you guys
  8. thanks nigel for the tutorial..i wanna ask where do you buy your bonden nylon tiger thread?
  9. helo guys im from indonesia, i need supplier for veg tan Herman oak or wickett and craig leather who can sell to indonesia.. what im looking for is the less expensive in shipping cost,because they are very expensive to me anyone have a suggestion? i will be very thankfull for that
  10. hello guys.. anyone can help me, becouse its make me confuse.. i look up the tandys to buy a leather, but i confuse the difference of craftman oak tooling leather, oak leaf tooling leather and live oak tooling leather.. http://www.tandyleatherfactory.com.au/en-aud/home/department/cowhide/cowhide-tooling-leather/cowhide-tooling-leather.aspx can you guys explain to me i would appreciate that thanks
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