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  1. Please check out this simple Kickstarter campaign I have created! All of the products offered as rewards are made in South Carolina and focus on my beverage holder product lines. All orders for custom goods will be shipped in time for Christmas. https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/384715853/trillest-products-leather-goods-for-the-drinkers -Alec
  2. Hey Michael, There are several methods to creating a glove, the trick is producing them with the highest profit margin possible. Die cutting is not the best route to go down because for each model you would need a set of dies. I produce the gloves entirely by hand. I start with a vegetable tanned hide and then I trace the pieces onto the bottom side of the leather (I'll upload a video of this beginning step sometime). Once the templates are traced, I cut every piece out by hand and punch out every hole by hand as well. To produce a glove completely by hand, it takes 3 days of work with two phases of downtime for dying and conditioning. The other way I produce gloves is using a computer integrated laser engraver. This way is by far the quickest and produces the optimal yield per leather hide. The only downfall about this method is that a bulk-amount of gloves have to be produced at once. In order for this method to have the best profit margin, over 40 gloves have to be cut-out during one order. I use latigo lace and I get it by the spool, it's a lot cheaper than purchasing precut 144" laces. For welting lace, I have used latigo lace as a substitute of welt in the past. But after this batch of ten gloves are produced using either no welt or latigo welt, I will be integrating actual welting lace into the gloves that is purchased by the spool. If you ever want to talk on the phone about leatherwork or baseball, feel free to give me a call whenever! My number is on my site. Alec Kozicki
  3. Hope all is well with everyone! I figured I would upload a segment of the process in producing a couple of my product lines. (DNA Glove & Leather Six Pack) Creating a glove was the first leather project I started back in 2012. After spending over three years messing around with new product ideas concerning leather, producing a glove entirely by hand from scratch isn't as overwhelming as what it used to be. There's not that much info on this site about what exactly it takes to produce a glove. Hopefully one day baseball & softball gloves will have their own section on the site! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cPjpGppQ2gM&feature=youtu.be http://www.kozickicorp.com Alec
  4. Very familiar.. Shoot me a message with any questions you might have. www.kozickicorp.com Alec Kozicki
  5. Using a type of cording rope would definitely fill it up but when it's treated properly and a good leather thickness you shouldn't need it. I'm glad I was able to help out! There are so many types of handles out there but I like how this one looks and feels when it is held.
  6. Pretty much. Tried to keep it short and sweet while showing some mistakes that I've made in the past concerning this type of product.
  7. Hello fellow leather heads! Just wanted to share with everyone the process I use to producing a very nice leather handle for the product line I came up with. If you have any questions about my methods or what I produce, feel free to ask! -Alec https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_SKv_9FICwM
  8. With stingray do you have to cut and sew along the beads? I've never used stingray before but I'm very interested in seeing what I can produce with it.
  9. The main component that wears out a glove is heat.... I have learned from past experience with my old gloves that if it is left in a car it will start making the leather crack. The best thing is to use a weatherproof conditioner, it keeps it smooth and also cleans it at the same time. A glove that is fully conditioned should theoretically be 100% waterproof besides the lacing. New laces should be put on the glove every 2-3 years anyways because of all the amount of tension used to catch a ball.
  10. I am trying to get my glove operation underway to fill the needs of the multiple retail stores in my area. I craft hand-made baseball/softball fielding gloves that keep the look of the older generation of gloves along with modern features that will changes the player's perspective for a high-quality glove. Besides making high-end gloves, I have created leather seat cushions and the "Slinger", a leather drink holder that is worn around your neck with a strip of fur sewn to the leather strip to maximize the chance of forgetting you're even wearing it. Every glove created is all by hand whether that is cutting, punching, or stamping. In order to be time efficient for the next phase of production, outsourcing some of the process will increase productivity but reduce the percentage of profit. Please take the time and look at my website and also please feel free to donate in this campaign I am trying to raise $1,000 in. The cost of one of those gloves are never going to be that low again! http://kozickisports.com Rocket Hub campaign http://www.rockethub.com/projects/41867-dna-fielding-glove I hope you like to see some true genuine leather products that's actually made in America! Alec Kozicki Kozicki Sports
  11. So in order to create a baseball glove, the glove has to be flipped inside out to have the nice side of the leather showing. I have tried a few different methods involving a fabric steamer, wooden pole, and a customized item that goes into the oven to heat up. The problem I am having is that when I go to force pressure downwards the glove either rips where the seams are or the leather just bunches up. I know it's not the typical leather good but is there any suggestions? Alec
  12. Need a trademark or anythings up for grabs. Too bad.
  13. fiverr.com only costs five bucks for a logo that are professional and even if they dont work out it's only a loss of five bucks.
  14. Also watch this five minute long video on how to make a baseball glove. If you can help me get any of the equipment shown in the video it would be tremendous. Especially at part 3:17, its a metal rod for three finger that gets to 280 degrees. If someone can make that, PM me! http://youtu.be/AchlEZncm4c
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