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  1. Hi. One of the most interesting last projects. Belt with skull, flames and iron cross.
  2. Your work is fantastic, you are one of my favorites!
  3. Zigmars


    http://leatherworker.net/forum/index.php?showtopic=40209 Here is a picture that looked like the original desing.
  4. Zigmars


    All parts are cut with a swivwl knife. if i properly understood your question.
  5. Thanks for the repley, need experiment when it will be possible.
  6. Hi. Please help! Maybe you could say what this is the color or how to get this color. Thank you!
  7. Zigmars


    Красива. просто окрашено краскoй или просто печать ?
  8. Yes, is opens another tab, maybe it's just my problem, but I prefer that opens on the same page And recommend to step up to the gallery is only one. Because some people are just lazy and is also faster on view gallery. But of course these are just my thoughts! Sign of the Hammer Patch 6 -very nice colors!
  9. Nice work, but wen i in one of the gallery, unfortunately, not able to return back to Home. The only thing that seemed to me a little bit disturbing. And red color ven push the button at gallery.
  10. A very nice website. Nice color and design and a very beautiful staff.
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