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  1. A fantasy series adapted from a comic book. I won't say which but it'll be streamed sometime in the winter
  2. I can't remember the last time I posted here but this is what I was recently up to. The day shots were of the actor just before he went to set and the night shot was with a model of our own choosing, shot on the steps of the Vancouver Art Gallety at 3am the morning of the production. The skins were primarily latigo
  3. I'm big on simple detailing that reads from across the room. Chiseling gouges is about as simple as it gets. If your colouration accentuates the contrast whilst making it seem integral to the material, its a very effective way of making a texture that really stands out without being busy or overworked.
  4. yeah the material cost alone on each set was in the 800 dollar range in including the sandcast medallion which was around 250 including shipping. Fortunately I'm currently not doing retail/wholesale. Just custom for the film and television industry. I wouldn't know where to begin to sell a piece like this
  5. I haven't really posted much at all on this board but I do lurk having read the posts over the years particularly the tips on the construction, tooling and dyeing of vegetan. I must say its been invaluable to me and I just like to express my gratitude collectively to the members and admins for their time and efforts in selflessly sharing the benefits of their experience. The costume pictured here was hand made by my wife and myself in our studio over the course of about ten days(as well as a matching stunt double) for the television show ONCE UPON A TIME. Its a piece we're both very proud of and we hope you can appreciate it for what it is
  6. Phillip at Lonsdale is a real good guy. He brings stock in for me on special order even though he has to order more in than what I need and goes out of his way to source supplies, tools and notions. His company is indispensable to my custom business.
  7. Surrey is a large town but I don't know of any leather supplier other than Tandy. In Vancouver, I use the two that I know of Lonsdale Leather on W. 5th ave; they have a wide selection of tooling,finished leather and some fur hides as well. They also have a broad selection of tools,findings and finishing supplies. The owner Phillip will bring in special orders from other suppliers and he knows most everyone in the trade around town Pacific Fur and Leather have the best selection of fur hides locally with finished skins and tooling leather available. They are on Commercial Drive near E 21 Ave
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