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  1. No, not going into the business. I'm planning on making holsters for all my kids and wife. I already have a couple of vacuum pumps, so the equipment investment would be small. Bob
  2. Thanks for the info guys. I have a couple of vacuum pumps and have made kydex holsters in the past. I've recently retired and need a hobby I can do in our house in the evenings. I'll check out YouTube and the link above. Thanks, Bob
  3. I'm very much an amatuer when it comes to leather work. I've read some post on wet forming using a vacuum pump and vacuum seal bags. Are the vacuum seal bags something special, I'm not familar with them. Also, when you vacuum form the leather do you use the actual pistol or a blue gun? Is there a write up anywhere about wet forming leather for holsters? Bob
  4. I eventually just started making a pattern and then cutting it on some scrap leather to see how they looked. Finally came up with one I liked. Thanks for the info though. Bob
  5. I was able to download Stohlman's booklet, it's been a great help. Bob
  6. What is the correct way to cut the end (non buckle end) of a belt? I know there are dies to do this, but I'm just getting started and can afford a die right now. I thought I say somewhere that gave measurements so you could get the correct curve so it would look nice. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Bob
  7. Thanks for the info Chuck, it gives me something to work with. I'll check out Tandy's site and see what they have. Thanks again. Bob
  8. It's been a long time since I've been on the forums. I've done some leather work in the past, but recently retired and decided to make a Ranger belt for myself. I'm looking for the measurements on the buck end for the snaps and the slot. I've tried to find some templates with the measurements online but have had no luck. Any help is greatly appreciated. Bob
  9. Sorry I haven't responded, been extremely busy and a swath in the family. i don't have the pistol in my possession, my son lives 300 miles away . I do have instruction on making a pattern and will send to him. He drives truck so it will probably take him a while to get it back to me. Probably turn into a winter project. I've looked at JLS's webpage and read through all the holster instructions. Bob
  10. I'm looking for a IWB holster for a FN FNS9. Or at least an outline of one, barrel length is 4.5". Making a holster for my son for his birthday. Thanks, Bob
  11. I have an old pair of leather soled cowboy boots that I use for riding in the feedlot and they need new soles. I want to try and put leather half soles on, but hear not been able to find a posting about what kind of thread and size. If someone could point me in the right direction I would greatly appreciate it. Almost forgot, I will be hand sewing. Thanks, Bob
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