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  1. Yeah it's taken me over a year to fine tune the process. Yes the leather needs to be conditioned, use of good leather is important. I don't use tattoo ink. Thickness wise I've done it down to 4oz. And as for durability it holds up really well, did a dog collar for my dog and the parts that were dyed are wearing off and fading but the tattooed part looks almost as good as when I did it (it'd probably help if I cleaned it)
  2. Hey everyone it's been awhile but I wanted to show off my latest work. They are tattooed leather patches.. yes actually tattooed with a tattoo machine. Let me know what you think Sugar skull
  3. Just fiebing light brown and dark brown.. was too much of a hurry so I didn't bust out the airbrush so I just dry brushed the shadow..
  4. Well here's my latest. Did some tattooing on the leather.
  5. Thank you for the kind words. Anyone know the best place to get gun molds?
  6. Yeah I'll cover shipping.. send me a private message
  7. Well it can be worn as an outside the waist band
  8. Here are some close ups of the tools. Thank you Art for the price break downs. I'd like to sell them as sets or a whole lot.. the bevelers I'd like to get $160 for the set. And $20 a piece for the others. Or $300 for the whole lot.. but will consider offers.
  9. Here's my latest 1911 inside / outside the waistband holster. Still dialing in my old 1915 sewing machine.
  10. I bought a "bunch of leather stuff" from a co worker, who's father had passed.. there was a bunch.. I happen in on a large selection of Robert Beard pro series stamps. I'm not sure the price ranges but from the ones I'm no keeping for my self I thought I'd see if there anyone interested. Or could give me an idea of price ranges B0 B1 B2 B3 Ch1 Ch2 Ch3 Ch4 Chc1 Chc2 E1 E2 E3 Fm1
  11. Man its been awhile since I've been online.. here's a few projects I've done. I'll have to find more pictures of other projects. Trying out tattooing on leather.
  12. Well need to get some better photos of the finished seat. The color in the photo doesn't do it justice..
  13. So finally getting around to making my own personal seat for my road king. Figured a skull king on a road king
  14. So was able to pick up a 1915 singer 45k25 a few months back. It's my first machine. And getting used to the old girl. Has helped out a lot. This is my third seat, I forget how slow the braiding goes. Think I averaged 4 inches an hour.. Still not sure what I should be charging for my seats. Any advice would help.
  15. Hey just bought a 1915 45k25.. the needle plate was broke when I bought it. And only has a pressure foot that is broke but functional.. But the thing runs like a champ.. where could I find replacements
  16. Covering a stock looking cruiser seat can be a bear. Looks like you got the seat cut out. Making the pattern is the tuff part. On the couple seats I've made I use veg tanned for the top where I do my tooling and had a thick deer hide for the bottom since it stretchs easily.. and I'm a fan of the Mexican round braid.. takes forever but looks awesome
  17. No not a speedy stitcher, a sewing machine... yeah those are my first two seats. Only been tooling for 3 years now. Working on my third seat... I've only done holsters, belts, and dog collars before. A bike builder who is a cop saw a holster I made and asked if I made motorcycle seats. The black and red seat was literally my first seat. It's always fun to amaze yourself at what you can make. His bike went on to win a 3rd place in a nationwide "bagger" class bike contest.
  18. Yeah got to love the round braid.. takes forever
  19. Well what ya guys think.. I really need a sticher
  20. I agree.. It also seems to sit high on the belt, unless thats what your going for, heres one I did a while back for and XD. It was my first for the xd and I had to stitch a second row because I made the pattern to big to keep the retention tight ... Im working on another one as we speek. One thing to watch out with XD is the trigger gard the hooks toward the barrel, it catches sometimes on holsters I tend try and flare out that part of the holster so it dosent catch
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