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  1. Group #1 Hackbarth Phoenix AZ very nice crisp tools hard to find Serpentine face 3/16th...Sunburst with dots 11/64 tall 23/64 wide both tools for $160- Group #2 Barry King tools Crown Serpentine #2 Wishbone #3 Crescent Shell #2 Greek Key #1.... all 4 tools for $140- Would prefer to sell tools as a groups, would conciser offers on all, no individual sales sorry, free shipping, questions ask
  2. Barry King lined petal border stamps tools , very nice $75.00 for the pair....paypal ok USPS 1st class shipping on me PM questions
  3. open to reasonable offers........PM me
  4. Hackbarth tools very nice...triangle dotted pair $ 140.00 for the pair Hackbarth half moon stamp- $40.00 Hackbarth Bevelers 10.8 $75.00 for the pair .....all made in Elfrida AZ $235.00 for all of them at once paypal to sotof5@sbcglobal.net place I will take it in the thread shipping 1st Class Mail on me.......questions ask, thanks
  5. find some nice vintage oil stones practice on old knives, old blades free hand you will get it
  6. ******Midas Tools***** All 4 tools for $ 35.00 tool numbers 317, 110, 248, 271 All like new condition 1st I will take it, paypal is sotof5@sbcglobal.net question ask, thanks
  7. Washita Oil Stone in great condition Stone only, no box....... 7 3/4in x 2 x 1 This Stone is on the harder side, of Washita Oil Stones asking $35.00 paypal is sotof5@sbcglobal.net
  8. **********Barry Kings and 2 Craftools********* Would like to sell them all preferably $160.00 , free shipping included 1. Barry King Tri-Braid Stamp 2. Barry King 18 Seed Stamp 3. Barry King Star Brust 4. Craftool Co. USA D-606 7 Seed boarder stamp, some chipping of chrome 5. Craftool Co. 517 Wishbone 6. Barry King Greek T size-1 Paypal ok , Questions ask, all stamps used in great condition
  9. Great Leather Carving in this book all in Japanese with great pictures that speak for them selfs Ive learned a lot from it a lot of great instruction ,167 Color pages $60.00 shipped to you.....paypal
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