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  1. Correct. I guess I figured if there was something around, google would show me.
  2. I am making a mini drawstring backpack and trying to figure out what the best type of lace for the drawstring is to use. It's easy if I lived by a leather shop, but I need to order online. I have used 1/4" Kodiak with good results, but I want to either dye it or buy it green and turquoise. Preferable buy because I have issues with green pigment getting deep into the leather. When I try to find some, deer skin lace pops up like crazy in the google search. I would think deer skin isn"t rigid enough to use as a drawstring, is it? Am I best off cutting it from 10-12 oz and dying it, hoping it doesn't bleed out?
  3. Love the setup. I work at a furniture place and get a ton of chrome tan scraps, but this seems real nice for my veg. sides. Looks to save a ton of room.
  4. Thanks. I was/am considering these cardboard tubes but was also worried about chemicals from them. Just moved and had not yet gone completely leather-working dependent so my leather isn’t moving as fast as it was when it’s all I did. decided to start different leather projects, rather than customs. Customs were starting to bore me so it’s a complete over-hual. Have you ever had any sorts of problems with the board tubes?
  5. I want to build some shelving for leather rolls. Is it ok to use treated wooden shelving, or will chemicals cause a reaction? Is wood or metal preferred?
  6. If I wanted to start making my own steel rule dies, can I use a ring bender? Anybody know the differences? I have not personally seen either one. Maybe one is wider than the other?
  7. Unless it was a rookie employee scared to break paperwork rules stating family. But yeah, has to be more to the story.
  8. I was told that Tandy's ECO-FLO is toxic to use with an airbrush. Something about the chemistry. Anybody know if Fenice can be used with an airbrush? Are they the same, only under a different label?
  9. the nano suction sheets from Tandy work awesome for this. Yes, they cost a bit, but worth it if you are always using the same template. Also, You can probably by sheets of nano grip from the manufacturers if needed. Tandy item# 3497-00
  10. Thanks, that’s what I meant. Going to have to try it. Hopefully it wont cut the thread at all, my wheel looks a bit sharp.
  11. Are you talking about using a wheel for machines?
  12. Although I wish I had some reviews about the cowboy, neither splitters (any) are recommended to split the whole length of the blade. for a 14" blade, you should skiff 12-13" piece.
  13. Veg tan is used on a lot of footwear. Even Nike shoes used to use is.
  14. Leather gets a sewing needle that cuts the leather and cloth or woven fabric gets a round needle so the material doesn’t fray or cut. What do you use when you are ming the two?Does glue help keep the fabric safe? Do you sandwich the fabric?
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