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  1. Thanks. I thought maybe it was a large flat table press but I think your right.
  2. How do companies make a large embossed print into chrome tanned leather? Is there a machine large enough to print half sides? I’m assuming it needs heat and a fan to suck away the caustic air.
  3. Yes, but as stated I have not seen a mention of the type of leather they have been used on. Does it make a difference? I don’t want someone paying a couple hundred for a purse and have it flake off.
  4. I’ve looked into different edge kotes and have seen a wide usage. I have not seen anything discussing Chrome tanned leather. Is there an edging paint,paste, kote, etc... that is flexible enough to use on a chrome tanned purse? One that wont crack? I want to make a few purses with this sophiano (spelling?) leather I purchased and being chrome tanned, I don’t believe it will barnish.
  5. It was really just an example but it would bring a unique look to projects.
  6. How strong is artificial sinew? Is it dependible enough to use for hand stitched wallets? Is it strong enough for regular thread substitution or does it fray too much? Is friction an issue?
  7. Thank you. Most embossing rollers fit them? Thank you. Does bunkhouse rollers fit these?
  8. Has anyone used one of these? Just want to be sure they work good.
  9. Do you have experience with a bunkhouse machine? I wonder how they compare to the cowboy that seems like all the other belt rollers on eBay. or even if they fit the same rollers.
  10. Oh, sorry. Thought you replied to mine. Makes sense now. Lol
  11. A little confused here. I mean, the whole “stop discussing and start doing” thing. Is this not a forum? Did someone not say they are building one and curious about the market months ago? I mean, I just don’t really know how to take your reply. Was it you that said that, or just you answering my question to him? If you have one for sale, I would like to know the price and what you have. Being on a public forum, I’m assuming everyones not getting a “buddy” price, yet I am also assuming a “buddy” price wouldn’t be advertised.
  12. I’m interested. Did you make one yet?
  13. What’s your status on belt rolling machines? Been thinking of getting one
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