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  1. jrny4wrd

    Custom Made Snaps

    Thank you. I should have fished around the comments a bit more. I saw someone else ask without the quote tagged, so wanted to tag his quote. Appreciate it, just contacted them.
  2. jrny4wrd

    Custom Made Snaps

    Do you have a website?
  3. Do you think, or noticed if, the Tyvek weakens when it is perforated by the threading needle? I just made 2 and stitched mine as well. Then I was thinking, will it cause it to rip? I hate thinking double sided tape is the only thing holding it.
  4. Have you had any issues with the tape not holding? Do you think stitching Tyvek would weaken it?
  5. jrny4wrd

    Wallet pocket

    Do you prefer traditional T-pockets, or slit pockets? Why?
  6. jrny4wrd

    Case timing

    Thank you everyone.
  7. jrny4wrd

    Case timing

    I was going to start a project and suddenly got swamped with all kinds of other things. What is the longest you should case a 10oz belt blank for? Will it help if I keep it cool, I heard of people refridgerating it.
  8. jrny4wrd

    Antique filigree

    Thank you. I used to put tape behind it and one day just forgot about it. Not a clue why. Maybe glue fuems are eating my brain.
  9. jrny4wrd

    Antique filigree

    Is it best to antique before I filigree, or after? I been making filigree wallets and the usually antique after I cut. I figured it would help the sides of the cut leather however, it sure makes a mess on the backside.
  10. jrny4wrd

    Leather Paste

    What brand do you use?
  11. jrny4wrd

    Leather Paste

    I want to start learning how to emboss leather with a filler. SF had sent me some leather dust (really dark and dirty looking?) so I mixed it with weldwood cement into a thick consistency. I wanted to se how it dried so I had put it into a small glop and left it. It had shrunken down quite a bit and barely held together. Should I be using rubber glue, or cement? Does the leather dust need to be a specific gradual size, maybe it was too tiny? Should it look like the color of leather? I am wondering if I just got a bunch of junk and dirt off the floor. Is there a specific brand glue that works best to make the paste?
  12. jrny4wrd


    Love this!! I am currently learning how to do this!
  13. What size bottle do you use? I used to only use the small bottle but the other day I bought the can. For some reason the stuff in the can does not seem to stick the same. Maybe it’s because it’s colder out now?
  14. jrny4wrd


    Has anybody seen PFLeatherGlass’s work on etsy? I mean, is it real? Been leatherworking for years and will always look up to these wallets. I’m cluless to how someone can have such a clean dye job and such a strong black. Is there classes anywhere that can teach how to dye so good?