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  1. I am very new to this so please don't hammer me. But i am starting to try my hand at making some belts and i have a couple of questions. Do i you use pro carve or easy carve for stamping? I know most people use it for tooling but do i need it for just basket stamping? Any other tips for basket stamping belts? LOL
  2. AWESOME...This is great for a novis like me
  3. Really nice. What weight of leather do you use? Also what machine did you use for your sewing? Nice work.
  4. Thanks for all the input fellas. Right now i think i will start with a machine that i can do smaller stuff with like belts, book covers, chaps and such. Man are there a ton of options out there. LOL What do you like about this machine? What size leather will it sew?
  5. A couple of last question. Im sorry to ask such simple questions and bug you. 1-What groover do you use? 2-Do you buy belt blanks or do you cut your own? Thank you so much for the help. Your work is amazing!! DC
  6. Thank you for the help. Also for anyone who makes tooled or basket stamped belts, do you glue your blanks to plexiglass before you case them to prevent shrinking? THanks DC
  7. Do you glue your belts to a pice of plexiglass before you case it to prevent shrinking? I know its recommended for sheridan tooling on book covers and such but i wasn't sure if it was used for belts that are tooled or stamped? Thanks again. DC
  8. I am wondering what machine everyone uses for their belts, bags, wallets, book covers, chaps and such. What do you use and what do you think the best machine for the above is? I was originally looking for a machine that could do everything i listed plus holsters and I'm just not sure there is such a machine but i guess i can start with a smaller one for belts and such. Thanks DC
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