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  1. I would like to express my gratitude to Ryan and his team at Neel's Saddlery and Harness in regards to the above-standard service I have received. Ryan has shown me that there is still respect, honesty, and fairness in today's world. If anyone out there in the leather world is looking for a leather sewing machine or the leather accessories, make this man your first call! -- without a doubt the best! Being from Canada this has to be one of, if not the best experience, I have had with cross border shopping, especially for a big ticket item. Thanks Again Ryan O Neel Neel's Saddlery and Harness Ryan O Neel (owner) 12712 South Avenue North Lima, OH 44452 Tel: + 1 (330) 692 1418 E-mail: neelre@comcast.net
  2. Hi Rod. I'm Cochrane and have a contact for you to see if they can help with your quest. Leighton's Sewing ph.: 403 749 3871 Delburne Alberta. I believe John is away until the 1st. of April, but give him a call or a visit and I'm sure he can help. Check out his Web Site. his is like the guru of industrial sewing machine for around here.
  3. Thanks Steve for your help. that is what I have done but I seems to have hard time pulling the bobbin thread into the middle of 6-7 oz. leather. I'm thinking I will put a smaller size in the bobbin and play with the tension on top to solve that problem. I replaced the tensioner unit on top because the old ones was broken in a few places but this new one seems maybe not give me the proper tension that I think I need, not sure. I was told by the store I purchased it that if I was to file a tiny bit off the little pin that are inside the tensioners hollow bar, that the tension disks slide onto that this would increase my tension. I'll play now that I know what my max. needle and thread are and once again thanks for your help. Darryl
  4. Can anyone please give info on the Singer 212 G 104. Like to know about the leather thickness this machine likes to sew and tread size the machine can handle and needle sizes. any info would help a lot because this is my first machine and I'm a newbie at sewing machines in general. I downloaded a users manual but not a whole lot of info in it.
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