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    Los Angeles
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    Leatherwork obviously, and I was a professional close-up magician for many years and I did photography professionally (owned a wedding photog and some portraiture business) for many years after working for a high end portrit studio owned by someone else.

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    Knife Sheaths, pouches, purses, etc.
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    Lately, I have taken an interest in learning all I can in Pictorial Carving, to include various coloring techniques. And I am trying to learn more about braiding.
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  1. sherlockian100

    My Favorite Barstool So Far.

    Love your border, the tooling with the lacing. Done superbly (did I spell that correctly)?
  2. sherlockian100

    Wedding Gift I'm Working On

    Very nice, what a great wedding gift. I'll leave the dyeing to you. Dyeing that far into a project, scares the bejeezers out of me everytime. The thought of something not going right after all that work. Whew....I always cringe. Good luck, your friends will love it.
  3. sherlockian100

    School Backpack

    Very nicely done!
  4. Wow, that knife sheath came out amazing!
  5. sherlockian100

    Bible Cover

    Very nicely done!
  6. sherlockian100

    Show Us Your Workbench!

    Nice set up Chief, I;; post mine, when I have time to get a few pics.
  7. sherlockian100

    One More Out The Door

    Nice job! Did you use a beader blade for your inside line (between the meander and the floral work)?
  8. Love the sewing for detail, looks great!
  9. sherlockian100


    I have the same issue with my wife. She handles all business stuff, we have two homebase businesses. But, doesn't know too much about the technical stuff with leatherwork, (what tools do what, etc.) But, what drives me nuts is when I find my tools around the place (out of place) because she decided a particular tools would work great for X,Y,Z. Like using leaather shears to cut card board, etc. Oh My...But, I love her, so I just cringe and keep my mouth shut, then just remind her the cost of leather shears, (or whatever tool) versus the proper tool for what she needs.
  10. sherlockian100

    Does Anyone Know Why My Finish Is Removing My Dye?

    supersheen will resist stains and antiques, but not dyes.
  11. sherlockian100

    Any Trick To Removing Small Scratches ?

    I would dampen the leather and then rub out the scratches with a modeling spoon. (oops, I should ask, are we talking veggie tanned leather?)
  12. sherlockian100

    More Stuff

    Thank you kind Sir'
  13. sherlockian100

    More Stuff

    Looks good, could you show a pic of the inside?
  14. sherlockian100

    Beginner Tool List

    I personally love having a fid for lacing, I don't agree that a modeling spoon works just as well. but thats just my opinion.