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  1. Hi Jimi! I was wondering if it could be possible to send me a copy of the manual as well. Thank you very much!
  2. Hello Uwe! Do you have any news to share of your affair with a puritan? Your thread describe pretty much exactly my journey with my stitcher (a low post XL)! Have you figure out a way to make it work?
  3. Anti19

    Request: Us Mail Bag Pattern

    Hey! I've been looking for a pattern of the USPS mail bag for a while too. Please let me know when you finish it; I would gladly pay a good price for it!
  4. Anti19

    Wooden Chair Padding

    Might not be cushy like you wanted it to be, but that is one nice looking chair! Thank you for posting the results!
  5. Anti19

    Chinese 29-K Clone

    Hi everybody! I'm currently looking for a sewing machine (medium weight), specifically for a big'ol patcher, and came across some chinese 29K clones (that looks post apocalyptic) on ebay, at a pretty low price. This is the machine: Anybody has experience with it?
  6. Anti19

    New Makers Mark

    I feel like we have something in common.
  7. Anti19

    Round Knife Sheath

    Nice! I'll make sure to do the same when I get my knife! thank you!
  8. Anti19

    Oil Leaked Out

    Try dumping lots of cornstarch on it. It apparently "sucks up" a lot of the excess oil.
  9. As usual Hunio, your work is precise and beautiful. I really admire your designs!
  10. Anti19

    Handmade Belt Video...

    Beautiful work! Thank you very much for your video! I have a few questions if you dont mind. I'm assuming the stitching punch you use is a Joseph Dixon. What is the punch size, and what awl (and awl size) do you use to enlarge the holes? Also, what size thread do you use? I'm looking to refine my stitching, and I understood that one of the best way to go would use a stitching punch like the one you use (Joseph Dixon, Vergez-Blanchard, etc.) but i'm reticent to buy an expensive punch if I dont know what kind of awl and thread would match it. Thank you very much!
  11. Anti19

    Anyone From Canada?

    Hey! Newbie here, from Montreal! Welcome to the forum!
  12. Anti19

    New Cowboy 4500 Just Delivered!

    Thank you very much for your videos! They really are helpful to people considering buying a sewing machine!
  13. Anti19

    Linen Thread Supplier(S) In Toronto, Canada

    Thank you very much Ramrod!
  14. Anti19

    Doctor's bag patterns

    Hi Butch! I you could add me to the list it would be great! Thank you very much! You're making people happy all over the world!
  15. Anti19

    Linen Thread Supplier(S) In Toronto, Canada

    I'm located in Montreal, and i would like to know this as well. I tempted by Barbour linen thread, but i'm hesitant on buying as i don't know the difference in between the different sizes and types, and never felt the difference "in hand".