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  1. Was out in my front garage (which is more of a "all things" room) and discovered under a pile of clothes a half empty milk jug who knows how long it sat there (or who put it there? ? ? ) but there is a rotten smell and a big patch of "BLECK" on the carpet (carpet needs to go anyway - thank diety there is nothing HEAVY sitting on it - like a refrigerator) worst part my Barony Flaming Gryphon t-shirt was soaking up a lot of it - POOP - not even gonna try saving it also a couple of towels went in the trash SIGH - just needed to vent a bit
  2. just make sure you are wearing rubber gloves for the whole process. I have black walnut trees and just picking up the fallen nuts can turn your hands brown. I've also used these walnuts for dyeing fabric - we put the nuts in a bucket and let then steep for a good long time (outside under the porch) then hulled them and THEN cooked then down. Boy do they stink (and they were growing worms too -- shudder) but it did make some lovely chocolate brown fabric.
  3. Suze

    Not My Work But Wow

    http://cgi.ebay.com/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewItem&item=230594344898 one of the ladies I know on another forum just posted this gal for sale check out all her little leather goodies
  4. http://tombanwell.blogspot.com/
  5. Tom BAnwell is one don't know how many others Mr Banwell has a blog too
  6. cool -- I may see her at Bella's too
  7. they look pretty good tell her to stop by Pillaged Villaged and say Hi I will be working there....
  8. try BraidersHand for end fittings also look for KumiHimo supplies (braiders hand is one of them) Kumi is a Japanese braid and uses the same type of end fittings
  9. or the bottle started leaking at sea and the owner had no choice but to TRY to fix it himself.... so many questions so many unique things and I am stuck soo far away from seeing them with my own two eyeballs. sigh
  10. http://www.joann.com/joann/catalog/productdetail.jsp;jsessionid=C2ACF446F72C87F5BB7A8458BDBEE0D5.a5p2?CATID=cat403876&PRODID=prd10308 don't know how many "dots per inch" this would be but it is cheap? and you could always skip or cut off every other tooth
  11. OH MY what work oh my no words wish I could read it (sigh)
  12. snicker -- love it and with the encyclopedia's coming out on disk it is just sooo hard to get enough of them to hold anything down..... and I don't think an e-reader would do much good either. sometimes you need a good old-fashioned BOOK
  13. don't forget cereal boxes.... oh and that old encyclopedia set -- the one you never open anymore cause you got "the net" work great for holding flat things flat to dry
  14. just had anouther idea--- not knowing how much they cost in the first place but they look like they would be good to use for layouts for role playing figures.... any game stores in your local area? you might be able to sell a few hides that way. especially the green ones.
  15. ouch -- one thing do you do any kind of leather shows? if you do - take the leather with you to sell "as is" (not made up into anything) although there are a lot of good ideas here how about covers for binders or journals? it does seem like camo anything is up for sale right now or the other way out can you send it back? without loosing too much money? Or heck -- does anybody HERE want camo leather? You may be able to reduce the amount you have by selling some of it off here.....
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