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  1. pcox do you have a burner for your #1 ,I'm looking for the burn for the wax pot mine is bout on its last leg, if you know of you will you let me know thanks
  2. I use the 200 for bout up to a 1/2 with a #4 cord linen and 160 with a 3 cord linen on fine poppers for my quirts, thickness on them is bout 3/16 to a 1/4 I use the wax pot and it takes alittle more time but it is worth it I think, as both of you fellas I also have a very strong love for mechanical hammers I have rebuilt a lot of various brands the Beaudry Champion being my favorite as I run 3 of them.
  3. KAW

    Making Rawhide Lesson

    What breed of cattle did you use, how old was it and what type ot feed was the animal on?
  4. Thank you very much sir. All I'm doing this winter is feeding my cows, skinning hides, and braiding like a bugger. All of the other cattle at this outfit have sold out. So, for the first time in a long time I'm "slummin' it" and braiding reatas, boasls and such to get ready to go south in March for the Kamloops Cowboy Festival and find another ranch to hire on to. One th...

  5. Pascal, I have found that if you just start a braid then make the core to fit the braid, then just write the measurements down for the next time,this way works the best for me and you can adjust it that way too . Hope this helps


  6. Hello Happy New Year. I was wondering, what is the best formula that you've found for figuring how many strings at what width works best for you.? I do like your work. I tried that method of dehairing (the viola) on a 2-3 year old steer, and it worked pretty good. But, part of the hide gave me some trouble, but all is still good. Thanks, Pascal Olivier

  7. Hey fellas here are the last two rawhide sheaths I made, both are cow rawhide I made, one is studded with copper and the other is nickel silver, the one with the copper is lined with brain tanned buckskin and the other is buckskin. Both are hand sewn with a rawhide welt and copper riveted at stress points.
  8. Megabit and FlatWaterCowboy You can use about anything for a core if you want a softer feel use leather a stiffer core use rawhide, braided or a single strand with the corners knocked off and rounded. I personally don't use a core on 8 strand reins and alot of 12 strand reins but use a core on all 16 strand round or flat , for a using rein I like 8 strand no core you need to leave some beef to your strings then round or pound them square,after you have it braided it all depend on the feel you wan't just remember to leave some beef to the string so it has some body to it they will shrink alot more than you think after you pound or round them that away they won't curl on you and you have alot of strenth in the string to braid it tightly bout 2/3 the width thick some times alittle more. Streach your braids tightly and let them dry good before you add your buttons 40 to 42 is fine with chains as far as button length and how many its up to You for feel and the balance you wan't and theres no way to tell exactly til you put a bridle together so my suggestion to you if you are building them for yourself put about 3/4 0f the buttons on then put your bridle together and ride it afew times and see if you like the feel if not add a few buttons or cut some off that way you get what YOU are looking for, Every person and every horse is different Cut you string about 10 feet and you will have enough it's always better to cut them a little long you can use the ends for buttons. Make you Romals to your liking it is nice if the button pattern matched the rein , but it doesn't have too. If they don't come out like you like make another til they do. hope this can help you guys, on second thought just chunk that braid shit and get some harness leather.
  9. Here is a knife and sheath I finished recently the steel was Forged W2 and the handle is 1/16 of an inch natural and coffee dyed calf rawhide and the sheath is cow rawhide lined with buckskin studded with solid nickel spots and nickel silver conchos I made.
  10. KAW

    Alan Bell's 50th

    Happy Birthday and have a few for me
  11. E, could really ride some nasty ones with that one, nice rig.
  12. KAW

    Some new bling

    Rob, looking good, I can see the influence of your trip in your work,your nose buttons are looking alot better with each piece I see. good job.
  13. You can make the knot following the standing end on either side, just one turns back differently, it can be difficult to expain or comprehend on the computer or phone some times when people see things differently, its a hell of alot easier to learn or explain some thing face to face, the main thing with making most knots is to create the doubles and then split them, as long as you do that the knots will turn out, the more of them you do the easier they will get. I used to have that book but it fell apart so I don't know if the diagrams are in that book and I dont have Gail Houghts books so I can't help you there. Hope you get it figured out, KAW
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