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  1. Thanks Bruce. I will check with them Monday!
  2. Does anyone know where I can get replacement blades? thanks
  3. I agree with the others. They are good. Where do you get the leather laser cut?
  4. Wow, such good information. I will use this info to figure it all out! Many thanks. cathy
  5. Thank you both. What I am looking for is a machine to sew deep into bags. I was interested in this one because of its 360 degree needle. Any other idea I have not thought of?
  6. I am curious where a person can find this kind of machine. Any ideas? thank you
  7. Someone has offered me this machine. I believe it is similar to the techsew 2800. Any thoughts? e this machine: With attachment!
  8. Certainly appreciate all the suggestions. cathy
  9. Also, it says it sews 6 oz and up. What does one do if they are also using a 3 oz leather? Is there a good option for a companion machine?
  10. Which Cobra 4 is she using? Does it come with an optional flatbed piece? What are the price ranges? Thank you much
  11. I make leather totes and handbags. I have also made a few pair of outsewn shoes. I want to buy a machine mainly for the handbags. I currently use my home machine and it does okay with upholstery weight seams but cannot handle too many layers. Juki? Chandler? Cowboy? Techsew? I wish I knew what I needed so I could just buy it. I know I need a walking foot but do not know I need a flatbed or a post bed. Any help would be appreciated.
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