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  1. Been working to salvage the banjo strap. Thought you might like to see the results. Now this I'm ready to put my name on!
  2. Thanks, Sylvia, and Radar! I checked Tandy's catalog, and the Eco-Flo Super Sheen description says "May be used to resist or block the effects of acrylic stains or antiques for highlighting areas", so I think I'll call them tomorrow and see if they will replace the strap. Nothing ventured, nothing gained. Drying time probably was a key too, and I may try their Block Out. I thank you both for your input. Much appreciated!
  3. Thanks, Sylvia. I wondered if that was it, but since this is the third project I've done since I got the new bottle of Super Sheen, and the other two came out just fine (but they were done with a different stain (dark brown), I wasn't sure. I think the mahogany was just too much for it. Well drat! So any suggestions on what to use in the future?
  4. Just dyed the banjo strap that I've got over 20 hours into, and I'm just sick. I've been doing leatherwork for many years and have never had such a disaster. I used the new Eco Super Sheen - 2 coats - for the resist. The first coat dried overnight. The second coat dried for 4 hours. The dye is the old Tandy Antique Leather Stain - Mahogany. Any thoughts on what went wrong? Also any ideas on how I might be able to save this without a complete re-do? As I said I've never had such a thing happen before so I'm kind of at a loss. Can I deglaze the resisted portions and paint over with Cova paints? Any help much appreciated!
  5. Working on my first banjo strap. I know a lot of folks use Chicago screws on the ends, but I was thinking of using Conway buckles to make the ends somewhat adjustable. Has anyone done this? Any feedback or thoughts much appreciated. Thanks! Nancy D.
  6. Hi from upstate NY! Just getting back into leatherworking after a long hiatus. Was going to sell all my tools, but somehow I never did, and now I'm glad. Take a look at my website to see the kind of work I enjoy doing. Right now I'm busy designing a banjo strap featuring birds and butterflies! Will have pictures at some point! Looking forward to getting to know all you good folks! Nancy D.
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