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  1. Actually, I think it might be Barry King. The handle looks correct.
  2. I just looked at Bearman's website. I don't think it was him. As I recall, my friend only paid about $50 for the maul. Bearman's are more and a little more elaborate. I'll see if my friend still has the receipt.
  3. My other hobby is chainmaille (jewelry and fetishwear, not chain letters). I'll check out Bearman. That sounds vaguely familiar. Thanks!
  4. Hi folks! Long time no see. I've been incredibly busy with shows for my other hobby that I haven't had time to devote here. I've finally started doing a few things in leather here and there. I do have a question. I asked a friend to buy a maul for me last year for my birthday. It came from someone here, but I don't remember who made it. Bob? Bill? Bert? I think his name starts with a B but I just can't remember. I wanted to send a thank you note, as I've finally been able to use it and I absolutely love it! I'll try to post a picture of the mess I made at the table today. The maul is shown in the photo. If anyone recognizes this maul, please let me know who made it. Thanks! Rod
  5. Very nice but I need a bigger murse for all the crap I carry in my backpack. LOL. It's beautiful though.
  6. For some reason I thought that was part of the RSS Feed link. Thanks Kevin!
  7. Is there a setting somewhere that I am missing that will let you go back to the forum list instead of back the post list of the same forum after you mark a forum read? This is normal behavior for most forums, so I'm surprised to not be able to find a setting here, or am I missing it? TIA
  8. In 1975 my Mom went into a Singer Sewing Machine dealer with a fairly thick piece of leather. She found a machine that looked promising and told the Sales guy that if the machine could sew this piece of leather it was sold. The manager standing behind him cringed as the salesman ran the pieces of leather folded over through the machine without changing to a leather needle. But guess what? It sewed the leather without bogging down and with flying colors. That machine was almost $2000 back in 1975. Fast forward to today. I gave my Mom a Husqvarna Viking Platinum 770 (now discontinued, as Viking is constantly coming out with limited edition models). I know that it can sew leather, as I asked the dealer at the time I bought it. They said be sure to use a leather needle, yadda yadda yadda. My question is, does anyone have any experience sewing garment weight leather on a Viking? How did it work out? I'm not looking to make holsters or sheaths on Mom's sewing machine, but I don't see why I couldn't sew motorcycle chaps, a vest, or heck even gloves on her machine. I'll never do enough sewing to warrant a big leather sewing machine, and frankly, for most things, I'd rather do it by hand anyway, even if a machine can do it faster and more evenly. I just like to hand make stuff. But I don't fancy sewing yards of leather for a single project by hand if it's garment weight leather and it can done on Mom's machine. Thanks for the feedback.
  9. This is a rawhide maul from WRising. I'm grateful to have it. I've not worked with leather before so I never learned to use a mallet.
  10. Well just for grins and giggles I decided to cut a small piece off that large chunk of leather I bought a while back. Ran it under some water for a minute to wet it (it sucked up a lot) waited a bit and then tried to stamp it. Guess what? It took the stampings. Mom says it doesn't appear to be chromium tanned. After it completely dries, we're going to try dying the little scrap and see how it takes the dye. I'll keep you posted.
  11. Happy Birthday MMMike, secondcrk, leesaddle, and hilligan!
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