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  1. Mike Hall

    Cobra Class 14 Leather Splitter

    Price reduction: $1900 Shoot me a message if you have any questions.
  2. Mike Hall

    Cobra Class 14 Leather Splitter

    Up for sale is my lightly used, like new, leather splitter. I purchased this splitter mainly to reduce the thickness of the 6 oz scrap leather left over from making tote bags. The thought was that I could thin the leather to be used for wallets and small accessories. However, I just never grew that aspect of my business. Now I have a barely used splitter and way too much scrap leather! Cobra Class 14 Leather Splitter - 14" blade - Servo motor with reverse - Speed reducing pulley - Heavy duty stand on locking casters - Located in Cumming, GA (Metro Atlanta) Asking $1975.00 - reasonable offers will be entertained Shipping to be arranged for by buyer, but I'm willing to assist however I can. Delivery available if in the Metro Atlanta area. Please let me know if I can answer any questions!
  3. Mike Hall

    Milled Veg Tan 5-6 oz

    Try Wickett & Craig. They recently sent some samples of milled leathers along with an order I placed. Beautiful stuff!
  4. Mike Hall

    Kwickprint 55

    Still interested, with paying shipping. Thanks.
  5. Mike Hall

    Kwickprint 55

    Did you change your post? I offered to buy this in your previous post. Please email me at: mike@ maycombmercantile.com
  6. Mike Hall

    Kwickprint 55

    If everything is in working order, I'll take it. I'll PM you for additional info. *** Attempted to send you a message, but it says you're unable to receive them at this time. Please email me at: mike@maycombmercantile.com ***
  7. Mike Hall

    Heritage Foot Press For Sale

    Possibly interested. Where are you located?
  8. Mike Hall

    Janome Hd 1000

    Hello, Did you ever get an opportunity to try a Janome HD1000 for leather work? I have one, but I've yet to attempt to sew leather with it. I may give it a spin this weekend, but was hoping to hear of any experience you may have had with one. Thanks...