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  1. Here are the pictures. Can you pull the tabs to the outside?
  2. You could also not use gussets. Keep the little tabs you have sew up the sides either so you can turn it. You could also do a lap seam or just stitch them together flat. Then bring the tab up and sew it in on the inside or outside. So many possibilities. Here is one I did. It is pretty narrow only about 2" wide but it holds computers or a 2 inch binder.
  3. That historic holster looks to be a little tricky. With double flaps, cut outs and mag pouch all in one. I don't have an actual ppk but I do have a copy. But not a copy of the historic holster. Below are the basic dimensions if it helps if not read no further. Dimensions 155 mm by 110 mm. Slide width front 23 mm at serrations 25 mm, depth 28.5 mm. Barrel in front of trigger guard 45 mm. Depth at trigger guard 57 mm. Angle of handle to barrel is about 108 degrees. It begins 50.8 mm from front of trigger guard so about 96 mm from the front. It is also about 50 mm wide. Depending on the grips the handle circumference is about 130 mm. Magazine is 25 mm x 9.5 mm x 95 mm. It also has an angle to match the handle. Picture from internet search. I did see one in the search with the symbol above the keeper tab.
  4. Very nice! Good to see you back.
  5. I do find it helpful to change my needle to a smaller size when using poly thread. You may still have to make some minor adjustments to the tension as well.
  6. I know this is an older thread but I would have the step-ins taper to the knee (not too tight) and then flare a little at the calf and straight straight down from there. Kind of like in this picture I found here. Patterns for Chaps, Chinks and Armitas : Sew Your Own : Equine Web Design
  7. Are you tooling the yokes and back=belt? For me I like a tooled yoke in the 5oz to max 8oz range or about 2mm to 3mm. When you sew them to the body it will make them in the 3.5 to 4.5 mm. I don't want them to be too stiff as it makes them a little uncomfortable. For the back belt I would line it and be up in the 10 to 12oz range or 4mm to 5mm. I also like them to come apart in the event I get hung up so the front belt is single ply 2mm to 3mm. Some people like them heavier so... As far as color I would go with a light oil finish and antique if you like.
  8. Take a saddlers' awl/spike and punch a hole in the center of the rivet and pull it apart. Easiest way with least damage to the project.
  9. bland

    Christmas Chinks

    Thanks to all. Big smiles Christmas morning. Third set now completed not for Christmas.
  10. Last minute Christmas order for a couple young cowboys. Hopefully they get there in time. Merry Christmas.
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