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  1. http://www.fenice.com/index.php/en/ Fenice from Italy. :-)
  2. Article name is TOGO for Hermes, made by Weinheimer Leder (German Tannery) I bought it in my country. not USA.
  3. It's my new bag for summer time. :-) TOGO Leather NAVY & Brick colors with Linen threads. hand sewing. . Thanks. :-)
  4. Today's works. Star plate is for my friend, the others are mine. I'm a leather plate collecter! :-) sadly, it's only practice. it's not decoration, it need stitches.
  5. French goat skin + waxed polyester thread + snap button thanks for watching.
  6. I made small wallet for me. barenia calf leather, riri zipper
  7. Thank you. I used Verges-Blanchard Griffe N.7 for stitching marks, then make hole with awl.
  8. It's for recently order. Vegetable tanned leather form Italy with waxed linen thread, dyed edges. Thank you for watching. :-)
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