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  1. Looking for a 15 ton clicker press with a table about 20 x 40 around Tennessee area if possible .. Also looking for a 441 class sewing machine ..Our entire shop and home was lost to a fire November 19 of 2020 ..Looking to rebuild Thank you for all of your help Larry from https://captain-itch.com/
  2. Sorry for All of the confusion .. We use to purchase 5 gallon buckets of a water based white glue from a company out of Texas called Leather Coatings.. They were manufactures of this glue which they just called leather bond.. They are no longer in business .. Beilers is where we found what we needed and here is a link .. Thank you all for your time https://leathercraftmax.com/leather-supplies/
  3. Thanks that is where we were able to find them ..
  4. I was able to take a photo .The middle piece is the bottom part of a line 24 snap. The 2 plastic rivets push in to the bottom side of the rivet as you can see I was able to purchase clear and black ones.. Looking for a supplier , Thanks guys ..
  5. Looking for a supplier for the little plastic piece that goes in to the back side of a line 24 snap .. Thank you all ..
  6. Found gallons of the leather bond glue from beilers ..
  7. Thanks for all of the help ,we found what we were looking for .
  8. Not sure that I understand your question ,but looking for quantities of leather bonding glue Thanks ..
  9. Not sure that I understand your question ,but looking for quantities of leather bonding glue Thanks ..
  10. Looking to buy leather bond glue wholesale,Our supplier Texas leather coatings seems to have gone out of business. We worked with them for years purchasing 20 -30 gallons of leather bond a year and we were satisfied with the product .. Any help would be appreciated We glue 4-5 ounce swade to 10-12 ounce bridal leather .. Thank you Itch ..
  11. Contact Tennessee tanning they make leather for baseball glove I believe ..
  12. If you send me an email to Larryxd@gmail.com I will attempt to send you a manual and parts list in a PDF. format..
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