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  1. Itch

    Baseball glove lace in bulk

    Contact Tennessee tanning they make leather for baseball glove I believe ..
  2. Itch

    Fortuna Band Splitter

    If you send me an email to I will attempt to send you a manual and parts list in a PDF. format..
  3. Itch

    Tire soles where to buy them?

    I did find this
  4. Itch

    I bought a band-knife splitter

    Nice Work ..
  5. Contact Dan Beiler.. That looks like it is out of a self centering press that he makes ..
  6. Itch

    Another Mold Supplier - Here we go again!

    We have been doing business with Rings for some time .. If you do not see something listed give them a call. He has surprised me more than once ..
  7. We have the weaver master tools and they are pretty good . However for the slots to fit our gun belts I will sometimes sand the slots in order to open them up a little bit .. Just a little tip I usually try to have a piece of scrap leather underneath my work . When using those poundo boards they get chewed up over time and by having a piece of leather between it protects my work from getting scratched up and seems to keep the punches and slot punches in better shape . Good luck ..
  8. Itch

    Making a belt out of upholstery leather?

    Glue the pieces together with the finished piece being a little wider,once dried trim and sand.. When we leave a natural edge I usually rub the edge with beeswax then burnish with a piece of wood ,leather or whatever you use .. Good Luck ..
  9. I have rebuilt a few Old Motorcycles and Kroil is the best thing on the market ..
  10. Wow Thank Y'all so much when I ran across this old thread I was wondering if anyone had any fresh ideas .. Gives me plenty to work with ..
  11. Itch

    Spot Setter

    We have a little wonder and a Heritage foot press in our shop .. For setting a lot of spots the girls prefer the foot press ..
  12. I just ran across this .. Any updates with pictures ...
  13. Can you give us a few more details ? I am interested ..
  14. Itch

    Fortuna leather splitting machine

    We have a couple of those Fortuna splitters in our shop,and also a couple of 3 phase clicker presses .. Check into a Powerflex 40 it runs are equipment just fine ..
  15. Itch

    Installing a conch on gun holster.

    I would glue a piece oF leather or suede over the screwhead ..