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  1. I will take the two grounders.
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    Barry King Tools and more

    What are you asking?
  3. wfwingit

    Weaver Leather Supply

    Weaver's new policy is really unfortunate. I do not see this as a wholesale/retail issue, but rather an exclusivity issue. They seem to be saying, "You must buy primarily from us". I was using them mostly for chemicals and some tools. I will probably be a few hundred shy of their new minimum. I am fortunate to live just a few minutes from Garlin Neumann Leather. They let me go through their wearhouse and hand pick whatever I need, so I buy 90% of my leather there. I am not paying retail at Weaver, so I guess I will be going elsewhere. That is really too bad, because they have a lot of stuff. Now I won't be throwing in a few of this and a few of that to try things out.