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  1. I don't know how anybody else holds there stamps, never really paid attention. However I hold mine with four fingers. The thumb, index and middle are on opposite sides then my ring finger on the same side as thumb but with the nail touching wifh just enough pressure to hold the stamp steady. Then just use the weight of my hand to hold the leather. On really small peices I hold my hand like someone left handed when writing. As far as the keeping it from stretching I use old x-ray film I cut down to what ever size then rubber cement it. The only down side is I can't do it if I'm not going to line it, the rubber cement leaves it too tacky. For that I just use packing tape with no problem. However when I run low on packing tape I'm going to use Chiefs idea because that would be a lot easier on bigger pieces.
  2. I just wanted to tell you that last I knew there was a loophole in the bulb law. Rough service bulbs were still ok but I dont know if that's changed. In case you don't know they are the ones you buy for a garage door openers or drop lights. I read an article quite awhile ago that said some company was now making a lot more of them since they could still be used.
  3. I am fairly new to this too but I would also like to add that you can save quite a bit by looking around some. For instance where I live I can go to a store called Tractor Supply and get Fiebings Pure Neatsfoot oil in a 32 oz bottle for $8 or $9. And the contact cement or Rubber Cement that I myself use you can find alot cheaper at Walmart, about half the cost before you include Haz Mat shipping cost too. Sometimes you just have to try places you wouldnt think of at first. For instance, say you did want to get Contact Cement. You might find it a a local hardware store.
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