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  1. Couldn't find the answer in the archives so was curious if any others have airbrushed with RTC and if so did you have to dilute. Cheers.
  2. bgl500

    Flat (?) edge burnishing

    Nigel Armitage had the company Just Wood make a beveler that keeps a flat edge rather than rounded. At one time they sold both a hand burnisher and one to fit a grinder however I don't see the hand burnisher on their website. Here's the link if you'd like to give it a look. Cheers.
  3. bgl500

    hole punch set or individual

    It doesn't bother me as I don't punch a lot of holes. It was also a little more in my budget as well.
  4. bgl500

    hole punch set or individual

    I have a set of the KS Blade interchangeable punches and love them. These are by far the best punches I've used and can't give them enough praise. They make an interchangeable system like I have and also individual punch sets.
  5. I'll look around and see if I have any pics but don't believe I do. There's definitely a learning curve to it and I'm sure more than one way to achieve a nice edge. I get my best edge by continually sanding between coats with fine grit sandpaper and normally use the KS Blade applicator to apply the paint.
  6. bgl500

    Edge Paint Rollers

    My two favorite applicators are the mesh roller mentioned that RML carries and the KS Blade Punch applicator. The KS Blade tool is a metal rod with a narrow and broad tip.
  7. About the only thing that I can add to this is that I always thin my cement. Makes application much easier and really helps avoid adding too much cement to your pieces. Cheers.
  8. bgl500

    Clamping edges while gluing up?

    I like the popsicle stick idea. Cheers
  9. bgl500

    Vertical Bifold Wallet - First Project

    Check out MakeSupply Leather online and from their site you can purchase numerous wallet templates and they have tutorials on their site that give a pretty detailed tools/supply list. Same goes for Makers Leather Supply. They have templates on their site and have a YouTube channel with tutorials on making wallets.
  10. bgl500

    Cleaning dye build up off a burnisher

    The individual I bought my burnishers from suggested fine grit sandpaper to clean the burnisher.
  11. bgl500

    Setting snaps

    I use the Hoover Press-n-Snap and it is a pliers type setter. Not sure what your budget is but last time I checked it's around $130. You can also set grommets and eyelets with it as well. You can find a lot of reviews of this setter on this site. Cheers.
  12. Looking forward to seeing your finished belt Firewalker. Maybe use it as some inspiration to make my own belt. Cheers.
  13. JLS is pretty much correct. The purpose of a belt is to give your abdominal muscles something firm to press against to aid in building abdominal pressure and a rigid torso which is what helps to protect the back. Most flimsy belts you see in commercial gyms are useless. The two most common thickness belts are a 10mm (That's what I use) and a 13mm. It's a personal preference thing but I'd venture to say most average lifters would be fine with 10mm. My belt has the flesh side exposed on both sides although I've seen plenty of belts with the smooth side on outside of the belt and flesh on the inside. For some more reference here is a link to the belt I use:
  14. bgl500

    Quality question for punch tools

    Not sure what your budget is but have you looked here: (scroll down their page to find what you're looking for)