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  1. Features horsehair trim & laced center overlay. Fits Harley FLSTN Deluxe.
  2. Howdy! I have a limited number of two-piece windshield brackets for sale. Recently semi-retired and reducing my product line. These brackets are hard to find. If you are making motorcycle windshield bags, they are perfect for the HD style, center mount bags. Selling as shown, 4 set minimum, for $23. (includes shipping)
  3. Holster for a long barrel 1860 Colt. I made the pattern to be more on the western side, with a slightly distressed/ worn finish. 10 oz. English bridle, custom shaded. Wanted to keep the lines clean, without any stamping. On the plain side like period holsters were. Thanks for lookin' ! Tim
  4. Thanks for the kind comments, benlilly1 I make the horse hair dangles, buying the components seperately. I'll post a photo soon of a similar tank panel installed on my bike. (the one above fits a newer model than mine)
  5. Howdy all, been a while since I posted anything. Here is a new tank panel I made for a Harley Softail Deluxe. Features a V laced overlay with horse hair dangles, brass cones and concho. I also have a few color/ concho variations of this style. Thanks for lookin' ! Tim
  6. That's a great idea, TwinOaks! I hate making 22 loops just because of their size. Will have to give that method a go. TW
  7. Howdy to all, Made this slide-on bullet carrier for 22 LR rounds. Holds 12 bullets for easy access, and fits a 2" gunbelt. Handy for when you are out plinking and stalking wayward beer cans that need killin' !! TW
  8. Howdy to all, This a pair of new spur straps I completed for my buckaroo boots. It is my own variation of the beavertail strap. I wanted to use the big etched conchos on the straps, so that required tweeking the original pattern. No buckles, (the only drawback on this style is, you have to have the button holes positioned just right to fit the boot properly) The straps are lined, as well. Thanks for takin' a look! Timber
  9. BC, I like it, good job. Interesting take on the hammer thong. Your design? I am a big fan of the C&B revolvers....the 1858 is the next one on my "want" list! BTW, do you think the target model is more accurate than the standard '58 ? Timber
  10. Hey guys, count me in....up north.......Jasper, GA.
  11. Thank you for the kind words, y'all Tree Reaper: I started with med. brown English bridle from Wickett-Craig. Airbrushed accents using Fiebings drk.brown oil dye. Leather balm w/atom wax on top/ buffed.
  12. Hey Sixer, thanks for your post. The bullet loops are woven through slots in the belt, but to keep the loops close, you go up thru the slot, then back down thru the same slot before proceeding to the next one. The other method is stiching the loops on, but I don't like the sewn style- too easy to screw up the belt with misplaced stiches. The slotted/woven kind generally fits the bullet better in my opinion.
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