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  1. I want to start making fire helmet shields, however, I don't have letter stamps yet. In your opinion, what are some good fonts or sizes for stamps? My goal is the find ones that make the letters look raised. Thanks!
  2. A buddy of mine liked the work I was doing making a holster for my single action revolver and he asked me if I could make a holster for his dad. His dad has a S&W Model 60. I am unable to get ahold of the gun for two reasons. The first is, his dad lives over 150 miles away. The second is, I live on a college campus and I am unable to possess a gun on the property. Does anyone have a pattern for this revolver that they would be willing to share? Thanks, Vince
  3. I have just started tooling leather about 2 weeks ago and I am hooked. I want to start making animals but I am having a hard time making the animal look real because I have not been as detailed to make it look like it has fur. What tool is best to do this?
  4. I am brand new to working with leather so I don't know much. Excuse me if this sounds dumb bu how did you sew up the bottom of the holster like that?
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