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  1. my experience also is most saddlers use nylon. however our hand sewing thread is braided polyester. I wasn't sure if nylon was used because it was cheaper.
  2. Hi Im doing saddlery. im running 346/277 nylon with a 230 needle. Whats the difference between poly and nylon? is one better then the other? Durability wise in the leather and on the machine? I have a lube pot and was wondering should I run silcon lube or not? Im also looking for a place to get some thread over that is good quality. my thread is from weaver atm. thanks
  3. Watch this to make sure we on same page http://youtu.be/oU05Osde5ww
  4. New machine btw hopefully cowboy bob has some suggestion.
  5. Got problem with harness foot just sliding instead of going up and down. It's markinh leather. Canvas foot feeds correctly.Any suggestions?
  6. Hey, I was fiddling around with the stitch length earlier today and now my machine wont feed. needle just goes up and down and nothing feeds through. The stitch length adjuster has been very tight since I got it but now I can't sew anything anyone tell me what needs to be done? 132k6
  7. is the nylon bonded weaver leather sells good quality? thanks just ordering some buckles
  8. I belted the screw afterwarda with a hammer just to jam it. Not sure of its going to fit but we will see My 3/4" straps don't fit through the slides must be slightly smaller then 3/4
  9. Well 17inch is usually a cut for a full Browband figured there be something similar for these I want it to fit quarter horses I usually fit stuff my 15hh qh
  10. thanks guys ill get back to you. I thought it was starting to look good then the top thread lost tension. will do some fiddling.
  11. http://youtu.be/b2rIIx3yjEw http://youtu.be/VRRm6mAspo8 Some videos any idea what's wrong?
  12. Thanks so these are just straight straps that are wet and molded into a curve? If this is the case how many inches would your strap be you use?
  13. http://www.ebay.com.au/itm/271129124293?redirect=mobile Could you tell me how the ear piece is done on that one
  14. I need abit of help I got someone wanting a 1 eared I know how to do anything but the ear part. Is it just a 3/4 strap shaped around or is it cut out of leather? If its a strap how long would the strap be? I don't usually line my stuff as its harness leather. Thanks
  15. the reason I went poly cotton because it seemed softer and when i sewed on a friends k6 it didn't fray/break as easy. I don't really understand a lot that you said because i don't know a lot about machines. the reason I paid adler was for them to get it to work. im not sure what the problem with unless the foot is not suitable. the only thing I could see being a problem is maybe the foot is putting too much pressure down and the feed is having a hard time. theres plenty of tention on the bobbin and top thread. would you suggest trying some nylon bonded? 277 is what they do saddle skirts and tack with isn't it?
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