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  1. RFrampton

    Heat Shield for my Heritage

    My Softball Slim S gets hot also. Just on the opposite side from the pipes. Heat shield is next. I did a new fender and tank bib this week and now I'm working on a tool bag. Then heat shield and swing arm bag
  2. I just picked up that same 1911 today and I'll be working on a holster for it next weekend. I love the professional look that you have there
  3. RFrampton

    New, But Not New

    I've been a member for a lil over a year. I make mainly holsters but I've done a few Christmas gifts for my daughters as well. Currently deployed to Afghanistan and I have my tools coming to me. I have a few orders for holsters and I'm going to try and make a suit of armor for my teen age daughter. This website is a blessing and a wealth of knowledge. Just wanted to jump on here and say Hi
  4. RFrampton

    New Member Colorado

    Wcome, fellow Coloradoan. Im down here in the Springs if you need anything