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    I guess I would consider myself a tooler more than anything else.There is just something about taking a smooth flat piece of leather and turning it into something to be proud off.I am allways trying something I havn't tooled before just to see if I can do it.Sometimes I think my best work is done when I'm just tooling something I want to do. Probably because it doesn't matter if I mess up so I try more things and take risks . I have more Patterns and Ideas than I will ever have time to get done but I will try to get to them one of them being a coffee table.

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    Clocks,Photo Albums,Pictures,Memo Pads,Purses, Gun Slings Clutch Purses

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  1. That is such a cool pattern. I ordered a couple 18oz. Flasks and I have an order to put the same carving on one of those. It should make a cool Flask. The friend who wants the flask is going to take me out next month with his dogs a tree a lion just becauce we can. lol I'll be taking me some pics of the cougar and then we will get the dogs and leave . should be a blast .
  2. Thanks , All of the coloring is done with diff. shades of deluted dye. The roses and leaves were dyed with 2:1 yellow first and then the other colors added . The same thing was done on the Bass and Dragon except were the white was needed.
  3. Hi All, I few items that I finished latly . I think what I really want for Christmas is a little more time .LOL Dan
  4. Nice carving on the cats Cecil! They look very good.
  5. Very Nice and clean work! I love the layout and your beveling is super!
  6. Hey Cecil, I have had the best results by applying Gum Tragacanth to the flesh side and rubbing the belt with a deer antler while the Gum Tragacanth dries. It leaves the back smooth slick and without any fibers showing. Hope this helps Dan
  7. Hi Melodyand glad your here. I have seen your work before and it is masterful and an insperation to see.
  8. Here are a few orders that I have recently finished.
  9. They look good to me and I would think that you will be getting orders for some custom ones also. It's hard to find ones that have all the features that diff. trades want . Good Luck !
  10. I agree! If you can't drive a nail with a $5 hammer a $80 hammer ain't gonna help!! A good set of the older 20-30 tools we use the most can be put together off of ebay without having to take out a loan if that is something a person wants to do but the bottom line is that Craft Tools are still resonably priced and a good value when you compare them to the carving Dale has posted. Would $50-$80 tools have mave made his carving 5 to 8 times better ?
  11. Welcome Jordon, I think that makes four of us from Utah that I know of . I'm up here in the Uintah Basin.
  12. They are used to transfer the pattern to your project after it has been cased. There should be instructions on casing leatherin every book you have on leather crafting unless you inheirted all the supplies and no instructions . You need to dampen the leather and let it sit untill it starts returning to its nateral color and then lay the craftaid on the leather and rub it with some thing flat snd you will have a pattern to follow with your knife
  13. I bought mine from a guy in Story Wyo. but can't remember his name right off hand . He also makes cutting plates in the sheridan style
  14. I think you could sell some of those little strippers{leather}.
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