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  1. Hey Clint, thanks for the info. I'll check out that Stohlman book. I must have looked at the earlier version last time I was at Tandy to see if there was an example of something similar. Best, Mike BTW, do you have a reference material for the two color lacing that you did, it look beautiful:)
  2. I love your case! Wondering if you can share any advice for sewing in the zipper. I've already tooled mine, but I've been a little paralyzed in how I want to try and sew the zipper. I have a Cobra 4, so I'd like to sew by machine. My biggest question is whether whether to use a gusset for the zipper and then sew onto the main body? It looks like you sewed the zipper to a gusset or strips of veg tan then sewed to the body? Seems like there are lots ways to screw it up:) Thanks in advance!
  3. Very cool work. I never gave any thought to braiding but now I'm hooked!
  4. That is a very cool saddle that goes with a very sick bike. I'd love to see how you formed it.
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