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  1. Do you still have have this machine?
  2. I made some from Rawhide lace. I made the lace 3/8"? and used a pineapple knot. I can send pics if needed later?
  3. Amazing work!! I have braided quite a few pineapple knots over the years, but not many multi-strand turkshead knots. I made a doubled turkshead the other day and struggled to keep them spaced evenly when tightening. On the bottom of your whip on the left, you made the turkshead from 3 colors. How did you tighten that knot or did you braid it tight? Thanks in advance
  4. I made some using a pineapple knot with wider lace than shown. I first made a wooden replica of the knife I was going to use, and then braided it over the replica. I found it better later to use the knife it was made for and wrap that knife with some paper towel and then tape to make it a little bigger as the rawhide scabbards tend to shrink even after you think they are dry. With some styles of knives, it might even make more sense to make a slightly oversized and tapered pattern so you can remove when dry? I by no means have this perfected!!
  5. Your leather is "crocking". You might try a vinegar solution to make it a little more colorfast? Or the resolene sealant might help keep the dye in---I might suggest a acrylic sealant as they are very waterproof, durable and flexible---but shiny for the most part. Not sure what finish you are wanting.
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