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  1. Saw this on a Make forum, thought it might work in leather. http://tinyurl.com/7xyhvjy Skipj
  2. Thanks for the info. Does this make much of a change in the thickness of the leather? SkipJ
  3. Holster the leather? A new term for me. Could someone explain. Thanks SkipJ
  4. Bad news for those who bought from Artisan before you left :-( SkipJ
  5. Very interesting, I just can't figure how to add a comment. The history of the company is something I hadn't read before. SkipJ
  6. There is quite a lengthy history of the symbol in Wikipedia at: https://secure.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/en/wiki/Swastika SkipJ
  7. Grizzly have that size for $47.95 plus $75 shipping. I picked one of their plates while I was in Pa a couple of years ago. Boy are they heavy!! SkipJ
  8. Thanks for the explanation, I've never been able to figure them out. SkipJ
  9. Nice job, but Wickenburg is in February not March.
  10. Interesting how many hand made stamps used. You can see the threads of the bolt they were made from. If I could only carve free hand without a pattern like they are! SkipJ
  11. How can I look for recent postings beyond "view new content, as all postings for the last 2 days? Seems I used to be able to do that. Advanced search won't do it for me, wants a subject. Thanks in advance. SkipJ Name: skipj UserName: skipj IP Address: Email Address: haroldcj@comcast.net
  12. I think I mentioned this book before: "Deluxe: How Luxury Lost Its Luster". It tells how luxury goods went from quality to mass produced products with the label not the quality bringing a high price. SkipJ
  13. Tandy managers don't seem to last long. The Detroit manager was let go earlier this year. They seem to have a short career span. Wouldn't want to work there. Seen to ship them all over the country also. SkipJ
  14. skipj


    Oops, The Leather Guy not Buffalo guy. Sorry. SkipJ
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