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  1. arashikage

    Keith Pommer Auction

    I had the same issue YinTx. I couldn't find it anywhere. It is possible they just haven't put it up yet.
  2. arashikage

    Landis 5 in 1

    Shoe System Plus is another option. Not sure how they compare on price.
  3. arashikage

    Weaver auction

    Weaver still has their retail going during the auction. Usually offering discounts. You can place an order from anything in their catalog and pick it up later that day. Although Weaver will put some new items into the actual auction.
  4. arashikage

    DVD of 160 leather books

    Has anyone actually received theirs yet and looked through it? Were there books that were actually useful or just a bunch of really old material that is hard to put to use?
  5. arashikage

    Weaver auction

    Depends, but there was a Ferdco with nothing wrong that went for less than $500. Some Cowboy stitchers brought close to $1000. Pfaffs and Adlers usually bring good money. Usually close to $2000. Still less than retail but high compared to everything else. Typically machines like a Luberto go a little higher because of the Amish that are there. So hand crank and pedal machines go a little higher than electric only. There were a few pedal Union Lockstitch machines that brought a couple hundred each. I did see on their flyer that they will be demonstrating their new Cub at the auction this year. Weaver doesn't seem to do much with sale sheets. Last year was the first I saw that they pushed one out early but that was because they had a big manufacturer go out of business and they brought everything to the sale.
  6. arashikage

    Weaver auction

    I totally understand. I've been going for a few years and this is actually the first year that I'm not broke. It's hard to watch Singer patchers, in perfect condition, go for less than $200 when you don't have the money.
  7. arashikage

    Weaver auction

    My family and I go. We've been going for a few years now. It's a huge sale. Wednesday is the leather and Thursday is the tools. Weaver usually puts some leather and tools into the sale so you can get some great deals. If you haven't gone before I recommend going at least once. Here's some pics from last year. These were taken on Wednesday so it's not all the equipment.
  8. arashikage

    Info Request: American Straight Needle

    I will concur that they are every bit of 500lbs. Most outsolers and stitchers like the American, weigh at least that much. Moved many over the years. I don't know how much it is going to help to split because the head will be so awkward to move by yourself. An engine hoist would definitely make it easier if you did split. Depending on the motor mounts be careful if you decide to lay it down. It is possible to bend the drive shaft if it is exposed or the motor sits away from the base. We've had success will bolting the stitcher to a pallet that you could use a handcart with. The triangle shaped base makes them a pain to directly get a cart under. Strongly recommend at least 2 people.
  9. arashikage


    There is a section in the forums titled "Getting Started" which is a good place to begin depending on what you're planning to get into. Here is a recent discussion on the same thing. There's links to the different recommended sets too. This should help.
  10. arashikage

    Apple Watch Lugs

    I'm looking for Apple Watch lugs that people like. There are a bunch of companies selling them on Amazon but I'm looking for anyone who has a good experience with a specific brand or retailer. I'm looking for 40mm and the original style (the bar screws into the lug). The only brand that I could find mentioned in the forums was Stouch but they seem to be no longer available.
  11. arashikage

    Contact Adhesives

    Depending on the brand of cement, they may have their own thinner. It's best practice to use the same brand of thinner as cement, Barge with Barge or Master with Master, ect. But they all tend to work. If you know you're not going to be using it for an extended period you can thin it down quite a bit and just leave it.
  12. Man that's way better than the free Brother sewing machine I found on the curb!
  13. arashikage

    machine - belt or bench sander edges?

    I have a couple different machines I use depending on what I'm doing. My main machine is a naumkeag (similar 1st pic but a standalone) with 200+ grit. I also use a belt/disc sander from Harbor Freight (like 2nd pic) for rapid removal of material. I would use it more if I got finer belts/disc for it. They work fine for sanding edges though. It's real easy to mess up an edge with a machine. So it depends on what you're working on and how fine of grit you're using. But if you take it slow it's fine. If the grit is too course it will cause your edge to become "hairy" so you actually have more work to do than had you done it by hand.
  14. arashikage

    Fenda/Sutton 6" splitter blade shape

    This does have 2 rollers. The top one is smooth to not cause damage and the bottom is grooved to serve as a feed roller. I don't know how thin these were ever meant to split. Most splitters like this, the Landis 30 included, were built for sole splitting. So you would be using thick stiff leather which is easier to split. Landis got back to me sooner than I expected. They said it is in fact a double convex blade from the factory. They also have replacement blades $430. Not sure if that's US or CAD. This means I'm going to have to really dial in the alignment of the blade after I sharpen it.