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    Beer(it's my professional interest and career.) I am the head of the Cellar department and I run the Lab Tallgrass Brewing Co. in Manhattan, Ks, a craft brewery. I am also very involved in mountain bikes, and tattoo's.

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    Making nice sachels, gun holsters, journals, belts, and many other things
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    Searching for a good wallet.
  1. I guess I need to get used to the terminology. Sorry I am a newbie. I am wanting a leather supplier I guess for whole sides. I was just trying to cut out the middle man and go striaght to the source. Thanks
  2. Does anyone know of a tannery to get hides in Kansas other than Tandy Leather Factory? I won't be buying in bulk. It's just for personal projects and trying to make my skills better. I like to try and support local companies. Thanks
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