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  1. Anyone figure this out? I have an earlier version of the 206RB....not sure if it's a 1, 2, or 3. It looks different than the 5 for sure but the adjustments in MTRC Crane's video are mostly spot on. I am in need of a replacement part(s) and am having trouble with that as well. Any ideas? I contacted Consew directly and they were really no help at all. What I need - I believe - is the called a "Part # 24 FEED ROCK SHAFT CRANK (BACK)" but the problem is that I am looking at a part manual for the 206RB-5 and the part looks a little different than mine. The vast majority of parts look exactly like mine however. I can post some pics as soon as I figure out how to resize them.
  2. What weight of latigo do you all suggest for chap front and leg straps? I am hoping to possibly use the side for breast collar liner as well but not necessarily. I am thinking maybe in the realm of 4-6oz.? I don'y want the straps to stretch but I don't want them to be stiff either. TIA
  3. These two pics are a double line border like I want to do with the serpentine. You can see one side is rounded but I'm not so worried about that end as it will be covered with a buckle. But the tip of the belt that has the double lines come to a point that I need help with. (I am NOT trying to put a serpentine on this belt, I'm just showing pictures so you can see the double line border deal I was talking about.) Anyone got any pics they can show me for ideas? Thanks
  4. I am looking for advice on how end my serpentine stamp into a point. I maybe can attach a pic of what I mean later but I'm hoping to see some pics from you guys. I'm making belts and have a neat design I came up with but I had enough foresight to know that I have no idea how to end it! (Or a good looking way to start it for that matter.)
  5. I just bought a stamp from Tandy's pro line that looks very similar to Barry King's "Association" stamp. Does anyone have any pictures they can show of this used in a pattern? I messed around with it a little and am having trouble making it look good.
  6. How abou tthis one: http://fortcollins.craigslist.org/tls/4415725788.html
  7. How about a singer 11w155? http://www.ebay.com/itm/Singer-111w155-Industrial-Leather-Canvas-or-Boat-Cover-Sewing-Machine/271498878092?_trksid=p2047675.c100005.m1851&_trkparms=aid%3D222003%26algo%3DSIC.FIT%26ao%3D1%26asc%3D22847%26meid%3D7129865314282890611%26pid%3D100005%26prg%3D9835%26rk%3D3%26rkt%3D6%26sd%3D181415350898&rt=nc How much should I expect to spend on a good using DC servo motor?
  8. Do you happen to have a link for that 111w153? I looked and didn't find it.
  9. I have a bit of a tall order here. I am looking for a walking foot machine that will sew chap leather for rodeo chaps. It is not real thick stuff and my Ferdco 6/6 is definitly way too big for this kind of thing. I believe at most it will be 3 layers of 4oz but it is really soft stuff. If I sew tooled tops or anything I can use my big machine after all else is done. I am looking for something used and under $500 as I only need it for a year or two until I can afford a much better, new machine. A friend of mine has a consew 225 that he uses but says he has to hand crank it alot as it is too fast for the tight corners. What would you guys suggest? I need to be able to find whatever machine used. I have seen the consew 225 occasionally on ebay but not at the present time.
  10. Does pure neatsfoot oil rot in the bottle? I have a quart that I bought a few years ago (3-5 years, I can't remember exactly) and it smells like it's starting to go bad once it's on your hands. It doesn't smell on the leather or sheepskin while it's applied, but only on your hands. Maybe its always smelled that way and I'm just now noticing, but I don't think so
  11. Here are a few pics. You can see the harness leather turned almost sunfaded but it never saw sunlight. It was in the back seat of a windowshaded truck that got very hot inside. The color didn't change until I pulled it out to show off and the movement made it change. I have since oiled and tried to buff a little bit but nothing has changed.
  12. I have to find a way to convert them. I wish this site would allow larger file sizes.....
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