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  1. Will look into it for sure, and am planning another video for frame not sure how soon.
  2. Was thinking leather frame and yes on the extra gloss just not sure on what to use. Any suggestions? And thanks
  3. https://youtu.be/62ExBB9eJ9I quick video of carving and airbrush work
  4. Dragon eye embossed and airbrushed
  5. Mix of airbrush and leather carving
  6. Thanks everyone for your views and comments!
  7. Practice on paper with your airbrush, I would try reducing your paints and set your air pressure to 45-50 psi. Another thing is keep your airbrush clean even when your using it specially your needle, the tip of your needle will tend to load up and dry out. I am constantly wiping this off because if you don't it will unclog onto your art....not good. Contact me anytime if you need more tips and thanks for your comments!
  8. referenced this from Luis Royo changed it a little.
  9. Added these to my site at www.hawkins-air.com Thanks for your replies everyone!
  10. Thanks! This was the first time I applied the airbrush to carved leather, it was fun I just did this today too. Need any tips just ask I'm not a pro but I know a little.
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