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  1. I use Resolene and it resists Fiebing's anitique paste great!!
  2. Looks like different size Seeders to me.
  3. If you plan on buying buy supplies from Springfield Leather, I would suggest joining their wholesale club. The set you bought is $44 less if your a member of the club.
  4. I use Angelus Black from Springfield. It's great stuff.....never had any ruboff, streaking, or spotting!
  5. Frayed of what? Sorry, I couldn't help myself. What did you finish the edges with?
  6. I use Angelus Black from Springfield leather on my belts and have never had a problem with it rubbing off after fininshing.
  7. I've done what you want to do dozens of times. What I usually do is dye the whole piece brown, wait for it to dry completely, then carefully dye the part you want black. I've never had any problems doing it that way.
  8. I just need a simple knife to cut my leather. What tool do you experts suggest I obtain?
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