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  1. A piece of card stock from the back of a legal pad and white rouge makes a great strop for my knives especially my round knives. The extra surface area of the card board helps to cover the whole blade.
  2. go to Amazon.com and search foe mandala crafts thread it is identical to Ritza Tiger Thread it is a flat braided polyester cord available in many vibrant colors not offered by Ritza and comes in .08mm and 1.0mm in big spools the same price as sample sizes as the Ritza. https://www.amazon.com/Mandala-Crafts-Leather-Sewing-Stitching/dp/B07BZT4CGZ/ref=sr_1_2?ie=UTF8&qid=1538001419&sr=8-2&keywords=mandala+crafts+thread pretty sure weaver has it also
  3. I know this is an old thread but you can get key fob pliers from Amazon for fifteen bucks and they work good for horn and cantle pliers in a pinch... See what I did there?
  4. I made a handle by cutting out rounds from 3/4" graduating in 1/16" up to 1 1/2" then punching a 1/2 hole in the center then stacking on a 1/2" threaded rod then smoothed out with a drum sander attachment on my drill press no need for a lathe.
  5. Tandy Leather here in Chattanooga is no more so I started buying the ShoTan leather from American saddlery this stuff blows anything away that Tandy ever had to offer and is also a cut above Herman Oak as well.
  6. My thoughts is use the pattern until it falls apart and don't just limit yourself to just personal use, If someone likes something you made from someone else design make one for them and charge a fair price for your time and materials used. for example i have sold a couple of the Brazos Jack design holsters to a couple of my CAS buddys but I always credit Jim for creating the design and I have no doubt Jim is flattered by me making something for sale from a pattern that he designed, That being said here is where I think Jim would have a big problem with me using his designs and would be blatant copyright infringement on my part Per say would be for me to print off a bunch of copys of his drawn patterns and instruction sheets and sell them to the public and he has every right to file suit against me at that point. when someone designs and sells patterns and instructions they expect those who buy their pattern to make the project from their pattern and also expect some will make these projects to sell publicly.
  7. Ya I have had multiple large pages printed at Office Depot for cheap
  8. Here's some pics of the one I made
  9. get your tools from springfield, they aer cheaper there especially if you have a wholesale membership.
  10. Ya I am interested in getting some samples I use 1MM a lot
  11. Is it what they call pleather? how does that stuff hand stitch or did you machine sew? or was that the part that was a pain?
  12. nice work but white makes for a gawdy color for a holster certanly not a good color for CC LOL
  13. I dont own a seeing machine but after all the research and reviews when I do buy a Machine it will be the Cobra class 4
  14. drill a hole the depth needed then cement the blade in place with JB weld. after the JB weld cures the blade aint coming out.
  15. found another source from ebay that sells Barbour braided cord for cheap too! http://www.ebay.com/itm/Heavy-Duty-Waxed-Thread-Hand-Sewing-Leather-Saddle-/200595117152?pt=LH_DefaultDomain_0&var=&hash=item7478a5fba1
  16. actually bow string wax would be an excellent choice for waxing thread for sewing leather. probably a little more expensive than bees wax though.
  17. I make my awl hafts out of old drum sticks(good hard hickory) and I once made a diamond blade out of a large sheet rock screw which penetrates leather better than any awl blade I had until I bought a John James blade which penetrates the leather as goodas the one I made. if you are looking for a good comercial awl blade get one of the smaller John james blades they ate 100 times better than the tandy or osborne blades.
  18. a diamond awl makes diamond shaped holes and is designed like a thin dagger blade to easily penetrate leather for making uniform stitch holes in leather the scratch awl was not designed to make holes in leather they are designed for scratching a line.
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