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    Of course leather work, fishing, fly tying, prospecting.

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    everything, would like to do leather fly boxes and fly rod case.

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  1. great tip on the popsicle stick. it seem like what battlemunky said "lots of practice" I am working on getting better at lining up my basket weave and tri weave stamps. even with the regestration marks i am still having a hard time getting them how I want.
  2. thank you. I am familiar with them. I am also interested in jewelry and do a bit of beading on a loom.
  3. thank you for the info. sounds like good suggestions.
  4. my son gave me a nice flat piece of Turquoise that looks like it would lend itself well to a wrist cuff. right now i am trying to figure out the best way to mount it on the leather cuff. I have googled some pics and seen some who have made a leather bezel and some who have used a metal bezel to hold it it place. I am shying away from gluing it because I am not sure if it will hurt the stone. it is an odd shaped piece but pretty flat, about the size of a 50 cent piece. any thoughts on how to best mount this stone? does turquoise need to breath (leave the back open) like some other minerals do such as when mounted in a ring setting with an open back?
  5. they all look great. I esp like the sheaths.
  6. that is an interesting design for sure.very well done.
  7. nice job. i am sure he will get a warm fuzzy feeling inside from this gift.
  8. you said simple design, but it works rather well. i like the design. i have been looking for a design that works differently than the type that Tandy sells and this seems to work well.
  9. those are nice awards. we never did space derby in cubs but these awards would have made my day for sure.
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