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  1. Oh, that's not too bad ill give the usps international shipping a try. Thanks again!
  2. Excellent! Thank you! I shot the bear gallery guys an email hoping they could send me a catalog. Hope they understand English because I'm still learning German. Matter of fact my language school starts next week! Thanks again!
  3. The problem is I'm in Germany so I'm trying to find a German website so I don't have to pay astronomical shipping charges.
  4. Sounds like I better find myself a cocobolo burnisher rather than settling for one of the maple or cherry one I've found so far. Thanks for all the info guys.
  5. Hmmm. I'm looking at a German website that has them (I'm living in Germany) and the ones I'm seeing are made from maple and cherry. They have them apparently treated with oil or untreated.
  6. I'm looking to get started on some sheath making and am looking at some tools online. I'm about to order a burnisher I've seen online, its the one thats made of wood and shaped like a spindle (best description I could come up with!) they have them unfinished, just raw wood shaped in the tool shape and stained (much smoother). Since I'll be using it to rub edges and shape leather does it make a difference what one I order? Thanks!
  7. Bingo! Thanks! One other question. Ive heard 8-9oz veg tanned leather is a good starting point for a sheath, what should I be looking for at a German leather supplier (like the gentleman in your link)?
  8. I've recently moved to Germany and would like to try my hand at some sheaths and whatnot. The problem is I can't find any craft shops or stores that sell leather crafting tools or leather either! Anyone know where I can look? I've checked locally and online (amazon.de, Google.de) and came back with nothing!
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