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  1. Nice work! Please share pictures when it is finished.
  2. Being organized is a big help. Nothing worse then searching all over for a tool when working on a project.
  3. I got my maker's stamp from Leather Stamp Maker (https://www.leatherstampmaker.com/home.html). I submitted my design to them. They worked with me to correct some design aspects to make it work. Prior to making the stamp they sent me a proof for approval. They made my mark out of brass, and they have a host of accessories to support using the mark.
  4. Nice work on the Rhodesian. The shoulder holster looks well executed as well.
  5. I don't know if you are still looking for a pattern, but one of the members on this forum, Brazzos Jack, was kind enough to share a pattern which he created for the holster.
  6. Nice work. I really like this type of holster as well.
  7. Beautiful workmanship on both of those scabbards.
  8. The stuff I learned was specifically geared toward the creation of logos, advertising materials and business cards. I understand the frustration with the various commands and how they work. It does not always seem intuitive.
  9. JLS, I just finished a training class on using Photoshop, InDesign, and Illustrator. If you would be willing to share the graph paper still I would certainly appreciate it. I thought that Illustrator might be useful for designing holsters, and other leather items.
  10. Nicely executed! Where did you end up finding the buckle?
  11. Do not know much about thread and needles. As to overstitch wheels and grovers, I can comment. I would stick with a fixed overstitch wheel, either 5 or 6 stitches per inch. Tandy makes overstitch wheels and groovers which will not break the bank, though you may find yourself wanting better performance in your tools if this is to be a hobby you stay with.
  12. I started out with the lace maker, and recently acquired the Australian Strander. Of the two I prefer the Australian Strander. I feel like I have more control over the cutter as I cut the lace. The more I use the strander the better I get at controlling it and getting the results I want. The only other strand/lace cutter I know of is the Osborne No 1000 Lace Cutter https://osborneleathertools.com/product_details.php?pid=439.
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