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  1. Welcome to the forum. If you read the many old posts here in the forum, almost no question is left open. But if you need help, you'll get an answer here from the fantastic people. Greetings from Franconia
  2. When my first head knife (bought from Ebay) was really sharp I practiced and practiced. Meanwhile, I've also bought one of Bruce Johnson. Now I cut almost everything with my head or roundknife. Partly also grooves at 45 degrees. I chose this knife because I would like to master the tools of the old saddler. There must be a reason why this type knife was invented for leather work. I think so. I do not want to miss this knife.
  3. A half bottle of Tan Kote spilled over my workbench. That was not my day today

    1. LNLeather


      Hope it was a small bottle. I only keep/use small bottles on my bench and fill them half way up from the large quart bottles... Bet you won't spill one again :)

    2. Konnie


      Yes, it was only a small bottle and the liquid stopped short of my work. But I have other large bottles and the idea with the refilling is good.

  4. It is not condescending, if you give a tip as you can get from this forum a lot of information. I can not count the hours I've spent reading the old posts. And no matter which theme I have chosen, there was almost always an answer. I even found answers without asking. Great advice which made me happy. And if I had a specific question, I also get an answer directly from the members. I am very glad that there is this archive of knowledge and thank all who have helped through their contributions to it. Konnie I hope Google has translated into my mind
  5. Gerne hätte ich mir das einmal angesehen, aber Facebook ist nicht meine Welt und man muss sich ja dafür anmelden. Ich wünsche Dir viel Erfolg Jonathan Konnie I would like to have visited the forum, but Facebook is not my world. I wish you much success Jonathan. Konnie
  6. The paste remains alone hanging on cloth. But the other two colors are much smoother and have more moisture. This color was probably a very long time with the seller. Probably no one would have chocolate and now I have to fight it. So I will stir constantly while holding their breath.
  7. I stirred it, but it is not smooth. It looks very rough. I set it once in warm water. Mix with water is not good, right?
  8. I bought 3 colors Fiebing's Antique Finish. A color is almost dried up like the picture shows. The seller says it is within tolerance and I can use it. If the goods are old? How do I do it smooth again? Can anyone help me? Konnie
  9. Schmedt - The World of Bookbinding (Germany) www.schmedt.com suche: Ringmechanik - or in your own language, search: Ring Mechanism Konnie
  10. Here it is midnight. A happy 2013 to you all. Also you Horrrk, wherever you are.

  11. I should turn on my brain before the topic There are also the very small slot punches for watchbands. That it will be. I found them at Dixon and Blanchard.
  12. but where can I buy such a stamp? "punch 2 holes and cut the part in between out" - that looks after long and laborious work
  13. Braided Appliqués. Page 449 Encyclopedia ........ Bruce Grant Which tool are those holes made - can anyone tell me? Konnie
  14. Here you can ask again. I think he is specialized in Adler 30-1 and Singer 29K. Konnie www.altenaehmaschine.de
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