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  1. A lot of good info here. The pairing knife I made was 1/8" and I can tell thinner would be better. I am not sure how many stock incrememts are smaller guess I will try 1/16 for a trim knife.
  2. I figure it is fine. I did a low temp temper around 350F it is solely for slicing leather so I am not worried about it chipping or anything.
  3. It may have been overheated. I heated it in a propane forge to just past magnetic. I dont have any high temp thermometers.
  4. Thank you, I think I will make a trim knife next. Save money on the disposable blades.
  5. Sorry I havent been on recently. I think I can load a picture. It isnt pretty but it cuts well. I am still having trouble skiving enough to turn a 5oz edge though. Well, it says the file is too big let me try and shrink it
  6. Scratch that, it just wasnt sharp enough. Arm shaving isnt enough, hair popping glides through like butter.
  7. I got a 1" x 1/8" x6" piece of o1. Put about a 30 degree angle in it and a 10 degree bevel. Heat treated and tempered then sharpened and polished to 8,000. It shaves and skives about 3/16" wide but I am having trouble doing any sort of wide skive I could fold. I can tell it likes to slice at an angle greater than 30 degrees. I think my bevel is too small and the steel is too thick. I will mess with it more. I can tell it will take a lot of tinkering to figure out. Good news is I think I will make a trim knife since the knife making part was easy enough. Took up most of an evening but it was educational. The tip got nicked a so I can see how rounding that would be useful, wont really be cutting with that part anyway.
  8. Thank you, I have some steel coming soon. I have a bench splitter for belts I just wanted to make something for turned edges.
  9. I just ordered a piece of steel to make a skiving knife. About what angle did you make yours? At first I thought 45 was good but the more I see the more it looks like a little more is common.
  10. Hello I made an item for someone recently. I tried rubbing off as much dye as I could and put some tan kote on it but the customer is getting rub off. Wondering if anyone knows a good top coat to use on latigo. Thank you
  11. When using the doming tool it is mandatory this be done on a very hard surface such as an anvil or piece of granite. Trying to do this on a wood surface will not be good as wood is not hard enough.
  12. Just to add to the good advice here. In my experience green compound works best for tool steel
  13. Ugh, that would be some math. I did notice my panel had 97 holes. I made the gusset oversized to trim and had to add 3 holes to it. Thank you I will mess with it some more.
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