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  1. Thanks! That is a Jeremiah Watt center piece. I didn't think about removing the engraving....hmmmm. I wanted a blank one so I can put crystals on it, I just have not been able to find one (or 50) ANYWHERE! I am starting to think that there is no such thing! Thanks for the suggestion, I really do appreciate it. Bri Bryant
  2. I have been searching high and low for the center piece for a breast collar. I know I can use a plain ring, or a triangular 'ring', but I am looking specifically for the type of triangular piece that has two slots in the top where the shoulder pieces attach and a slot in the bottom for the lower cinch strap. Something like Jeremiah Watt makes, only plain, no engraving. Please help!! Thanks in advance for any direction in finding the illusive....
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