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  1. I have a Cobra 4 and I've had to shim the selector plate to get the needle to hit the same holes in reverse on mine.
  2. I'd take it as just there option. Every one has one.
  3. A rather large spool of thread to have on top. Probably not the greatest machine to learn repairs on.
  4. If your sewing bottom to vamp I'd use walking foot. Glue it first. For sewing on vamp before sole a post machine is the way to go.
  5. Are you still looking for this tool Are you still looking for this tool
  6. Panhandle Leather https://panhandleleather.com has piping if you don't want to make your own. They sell a lot of boot making supplies. Sailrite https://www.sailrite.com has a lot of Upholstery supplies that can cross over to leather work.
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