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  1. I had already spoken to them, and they couldn't figure it out! I have a new machine now. Hopefully it's dialed in.
  2. I checked all of the screws with Springfield this morning on the phone. It's not a loose screw. I'm sending it back to them.
  3. This happened on it's own. I was sewing 2 pieces of leather, back to back, on a 20" run, made the turn, and was heading back the other way when it started knocking really loudly. I can feel the vibration in my foot on the pedal. I spoke to Springfield Leather this morning, and they can't figure out what's going on with it either. This particular machine has less than 2 hours on it at this time, and we're beginning to wonder if I didn't get a lemon. If I had more hours on the machine, I would think something was out of adjustment from use, but this is a brand new machine that I just recently switched to after selling my cowboy.
  4. OK. I followed Al Bane's video online about checking the timing, and the machine is timed correctly. Now, for some unknown reason the machine is 'knocking' inside the Lower arm of the machine when I sew! This is getting frustrating. I don't recall having these issues with my Cowboy 3200 "Out of the Box". I'm getting to my wits end here.
  5. I'll try that this evening, and get back in the AM. Thanks for giving me multiple things to check out. I'll update once I go through this list. Thanks again.
  6. I have a 2 month old Cobra Class 4 that is skipping stitches every 30" to 31" on any material, any project, and every single time. I can be using cowhide, horsehide, Chromexel, etc .... It doesn't matter. I noticed the problem yesterday when I started sewing continuous stitches, whereas before I have always sewn 8" runs on holsters or small wallets. It does this every single time regardless of the material I am using. Every 30" to 31" it skips a stitch.
  7. There is an upholstery shop close to me that is closing down, and I was going to list the machines here to see if any of them will fit my needs. I am always looking for a reasonable 'extra' machine that will sew garment leather, bags, and machines that will sew up to 2 pieces of 8 ounce saddle skirting. Will any of these machines work for leather? Singer: W107W3 , 107-W-1 , 112W115 , and a 251-2 And JUKI DDL-5550 I almost know the Juki is no good for my use, because they used it to sew large piece of canvas and it's not a walking foot machine. However, what about any of the Singers?
  8. I understand that it's just simple business and economics. However, I find it hard to believe that the Cowboy Sewing machines are any more than a $400 machine that someone imports, works on the proper parts to get the machine running properly, and resells them at a substantial Mark-up. After all ... in today's day and time it's not hard to find out exactly WHERE these machines are being built. So, my point being ... if a $400 machine take a 25% tariff , that's only a $100 hike. That doesn't take into account the fact that these are not tariffs that compound. You pay them once, and you're done. I might just take a stab at one of these machines, on Alibaba, and see exactly what I get! After all, what do I have to lose? I have a reputable sewing machine repair shop, here locally, and it can't be any different than setting up a standard machine. It's just a leather machine. Right? Here's is an example. .... https://www.alibaba.com/product-detail/PA335A-cylinder-bed-compound-feeding-purse_60737338066.html?spm=a2700.themePage.1023205882945.127.621a5d280gDoSh
  9. I've also wondered how many machines they are holding prior to the tariffs, and using the tariffs as an excuse to raise their prices. A lot of companies will do this if they think their customers don't know any better. For instance, they'll use the 'Tariff' excuse for sales going forward , even through they were holding 40 machines prior to the Tariff's Taking affect. It's a way to gouge customers when you aren't selling as many machines as you'd like, and that one guy will buy one to pay for the profit margin of two machines being sold. What they don't realize is if they would lower their prices, or run a "Sale", they would sell 10 machines to the 2 or 3 that they sold at the higher price.
  10. How far are you from Mission Viejo? I have a family member who can look at it for me, and ship for me .... Let me know.
  11. OK thanks. I was kind of looking for something different than the CB3200. I owned one for quite a while, and used it for a solid 2 years before leaving it under a cover in my shop, due to slowing down on leatherwork. I sold the machine, due to inactivity, and ultimately regret doing it. However, I'm curious as to what other options are out there. One of the main reasons I'm kind of looking for suggestions OTHER than the Cowboy CB3200 is simply because of price. It seems they keep going up $200 every time I look at them, and even since I talked to Neel's Saddlery back in November ... they have gone up another $200 from the previous $1800. When I bought my first machine I paid $1500 shipped to my door, and that was back in 2015. That was around $1300 plus $200 for Freight! I guess what I'm trying to say is ... falling in line with the other models ... what makes the CB3200 worth $500 more than 4 years ago? After all, the Cobra Class 4s and other models haven't gone up nearly as much. I hope I'm making myself clear. As, what I'm trying to say is ... for me it's Perceived Value. I don't see the CB3200 worth more than a $1500 machine. While the Cobra has held it's price, pretty much stationary, since 2015. When I spoke the Neel's back in November I specifically asked if the price was going to go up any more, and he said he didn't know. He "might have to raise the price due to Trump's Trade Tariffs" ... as they affect the price of each machine that much.
  12. The thickest part I would ever sew would be 3 pieces of 8 oz., and that would only be to attach a belt loop. On a regular basis I would only be sewing 2 pieces of 6-7 oz. using 277 nylon bonded thread.
  13. I've been away for quite a while, and decided to get back into Leatherwork. What is the best machine available in the $2500 or Less category? I'll be mainly sewing holsters, but with the occasional leather bag or wallet. Thanks in advance.
  14. Thanks Dwight. I guess I'll mock one up and see how she does. Thanks again.
  15. Before I started ordering my leather in 10 Hide Lots, I ordered from Springfield and would often get the same results. Granted, they always made it right with me, but it's one of those questions "Why didn't they do it right the first time?" Again, they always made it right by me, but it was always another 4 days on returns and getting the right thing in. Then, I found out that Springfield Leather orders 'Tannery Run' hides from Hermann Oak, and they are often ... literally ... a 'C' or 'D' Grade Leather. Even though Springfield lists them as a "B" grade when they are actually a true "D".
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