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  1. Is this a walking foot cylinder machine? I'm located in Kingston.
  2. I think shipping is outrageous no matter what you are buying. I bought one side the other day and it cost me $17. I also bought a bunch of zippers and it cost me $13. I know the zippers are going to show up in a tiny little package too.
  3. I'll check them out as well. What about the techsew though, is it enough for what I want to do?
  4. Hello everyone! Looking for some advice on cylinder sewing machines. I make leather handbags and I have a reliable 8600B machine. I want to expand my line with barrel bags for everyday use and bicycles. My line is pretty utilitarian with a sense of everyday fashion. Some of my bags that I make now are almost impossible to make without climbing into them; I need a cylinder machine badly. I would be using leather in the 4-6oz. range. I looked at the Techsew 2800 and was wondering if anyone can give me any insight to their opinion. I like the price of the machine which is $1,700. Looked at an Adler but I can't afford it. I also have a consew flat bed sewing machine that is probably about 30 years old and is amazing. I was going to check that brand out. I really want to stay under $2,000 but don't want to buy the wrong machine. I would definitely appreciate some experienced info on a cylinder bed walking foot for medium weight fabrics! Thank You!!!
  5. Hey everyone! My husband has been seeing a lot of tattooing on leather and was curious about it. He has all the equipement and was wondering what he needs to put on the leather to stop the ink from smearing into the leather. Is it just vasoline? Is there a forum on this? I looked and couldn't find any. Feedback would be greatly appreciated! Thanks!
  6. Hi again! Before I buy the wrong leather or something that is not appropriate I thought I would ask the experts. I want to add some harness belts to my shop that look sort of like this... http://www.freepeople.com/whats-new/leather-harness-belt/ http://gabrieladelavega.bigcartel.com/product/gary-graham-harness-belt What kind of leather should I buy? I was going to buy a 5 oz vegetable tanned calf side from water house leathers. I have a swatch of it and it feels like it wouldn't stretch. Also for a belt that needs to be a little more pliable to fit around the body like this one....what kind of leather? I make bags so belts are new to me and I don't want to spend a ton of money on the wrong leather! Thanks so much for everyones input... I love this site and wish I would have found it before I spent money experimenting because I didn't know who to ask!! http://pinterest.com/pin/111041947034488711/ Crystal www.locknkeyleathers.etsy.com
  7. Im loving all the feedback! This site is amazing... I'll check out the ludwig. I'm so excited I've needed one of these for a while.
  8. I'am in the market for a cylinder machine and don't want to spend more than $1200 $1500 at the most. Im looking for used because I can't afford new. I have a Reliable 8600b that I use now. I make tote bags ranging from 3-5 oz thick, and it's a pain in the ass because I know I need a cylinder machine. I originally was looking at The Boss by Tippmann because it's small and compact. I understand that it is slow and manual and I am willing to deal with that. I also looked at a Cowboy CB227R. I need some feedback on what other people use and if I'm completely wrong with the types of machines I'm looking at. I have heard some awful reviews about the boss but I have also heard some excellent reviews. I am pretty sure I need it to be a walking foot though, right? Please, feedback is greatly appreciated !! Here is a link so you can see what I sew and tell me if Im on the right track with my search... https://www.etsy.com/shop/LocknKeyLeathers?ref=si_shop
  9. I need to make this bag out of tooling leather: https://www.etsy.com/listing/124414532/oil-tanned-distressed-metallic-leather?ref=shop_home_feat I wasn't sure if I should buy a 2-3oz or 3-4 oz. Im using a sewing machine not sewing by hand. Also can I moisten the leather a little to make it more pliable before I sew it? I haven't worked with tooling leather before. I would definitely appreciate all opinions! Thanks!!
  10. Just stumbled across this machine today. Looking to make barel bags with oil tanned utility leather about 5-7oz thick. Does anyone have experience with this machine? Could it handle leather like this?
  11. Thank you! Yes I have made a few items. I've tried using an edge beveled but it seems to tear the leather up and it's a brand new beveler. Do I need to wet the leather before I bevel it?i tried to burnish it and it doesn't seem to do anything. Does the leather need to be really wet? I heard from an employee at Tandy leather that you can't burnish oil tanned leather. Is this true? I don't care about using edge coat because I like the exposed look but I would like my edges to be round and smooth. What am I doing wrong? Or is it just lack of experience?
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